The time you spend in the work world adds up, amounting to over one-third of your waking lifetime! In being committed to your success, TSTC knows that you need a career that will hold your interest for years to come. To do that, the program of study you undertake at TSTC should be well suited to your personal inclinations and natural abilities — and be a career arena that has jobs with reliable salaries and good benefits.

This portion of our Web site is designed to be pure gold in your search for the career that offers the greatest potential for you personally. Begin by taking our Pick Your Passion Quiz. Then explore the career-training programs TSTC offers. Once you’ve narrowed the field, nothing replaces an in-person appointment with one of our skilled career counselors who will provide other tools to help you make this all-important decision.

TSTC is supported by the Texas State Legislature for one sole purpose — to maintain a well-trained and ready workforce for Texas industries and businesses. When that happens, your future is provided for as well.

Know this: industry drives our training. At TSTC, we may encourage you to enter a certificate program rather than a two-year degree plan simply because the demands of industry do not require a degree. TSTC is dedicated to getting you into the job market with precisely the training needed for your success. That way, the time and money spent on your education brings the most benefit at the least expense.

BEGIN TODAY! Set up your no-obligation personal profile on this site. Make a promise to your future that you’ll return every day for a week and add something to your profile — because there is a promising career with your name on it.