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Funding Opportunities

To make a tax-deductible gift to
The TSTC Foundation, click Donate.

Your contribution to The TSTC Foundation helps to ensure that labs continue to evolve to meet industry standards, that faculty and staff receiving ongoing education and encouragement, and that the college is able to meet under or unfunded priorities that arise.

Annual Scholarships

All annual scholarship programs directly benefit students and can be made based on academics or need. These scholarships are based on a written agreement with the donor and The TSTC Foundation. Annual scholarships have a gift amount of $500 per year for a standardized structure and $1,500 per year for customized features.

General Endowed Scholarship Program

All gifts to this general fund will be based on a written agreement with the donor and The TSTC Foundation. There is no minimum gift requirement for these gifts as they will be commingled into a general endowment scholarship fund. The Board establishes annually the investment strategy and disbursement methodology. All scholarships recognize the collective donors of the respective year when awarded to the recipient.

Individual Endowed Scholarships

All individual endowed scholarships will be based on a written agreement with the donor and The TSTC Foundation. Individual Endowed Scholarships have a minimum gift of $5,000 based on standardized structure, and $25,000 for customized features. Endowed scholarships may meet minimum funding requirements over time, but not to exceed a period of five years.

Building Maintenance Endowment

From time to time, capital campaigns may also include an endowment fund for the maintenance of a specific building. Building Maintenance Endowments have a minimum gift of $100,000 and may have a customized features. Such endowments may meet the minimum requirements over time but not to exceed ten years.

Non-Restricted Funds

All non-restricted funds will be based on a written agreement with the donor and The TSTC Foundation. Having no minimum gift requirement, non-restricted funds are limited to the chancellor of the TSTC System, college presidents, and extension center deans/provosts for the purpose of acquiring equipment, meeting instructional and business development needs, and providing resources for other needs deemed appropriate by the respective administrator.

Fund for the Future

These gifts will be used for the ongoing operating expenses of The Foundation and to meet the unforeseen opportunities and changing the needs within the TSTC system. There is no minimum gift requirement to contribute to the Fund for the Future. The Board may choose to shift resources from this fund into other funds, as it deems appropriate, including in response to funding requests by the chancellor. In addition, the Board may annually identify an amount or a percentage of these funds to automatically transfer into the chancellor's, president's, and/or dean's/provost's funds.

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