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Texas State Technical College SOS - Educational Services
ES.1.01Intellectual Property
ES 1.02Faculty Evaluation
ES.1.06Academic Freedom and Responsibility
ES.1.07Faculty Ranking
ES.1.11Faculty Credentials
ES.1.15Faculty Expectations and Workload with Administrative Guidelines
ES 1.16Employment of Adjunct Faculty
ES 1.17Faculty Role in Governance
ES 1.18Faculty Professional Development
ES 2.05Termination of Regular Instructional Programs
ES 2.08Workforce Training and Continuing Education
ES 2.09Institutional Review Board
ES.2.10Credit Award for Assessments and Training
ES 2.11Copyright Compliance
ES 2.12Semester Credit Hour Definition
ES 2.13New Program Application and Approval
ES 2.14Curriculum Committee
ES 2.15Curriculum Review and Revision
ES 2.16Learning Resource Center Collection Policy
ES 2.17Learning Resource Center Evaluation
ES 2.18Consortia and Contractual Relationships for Educational Services
ES 2.19Dual Enrollment Partnerships Between TSTC and Secondary Schools
ES 2.20Online Learning
ES 3.01Student Leadership Organizations
ES 3.02Scholastic Standards
ES 3.05Alcohol and Drug Possession and Use
ES 3.07Developmental Education Programs
ES 3.08Drug Free Schools, Campuses & Workplace
ES 3.09Graduate Guarantee
ES 3.10Student Right-­to-­Know, and Campus Security Act and Annual Fire Safety
ES 3.11Auditing of Courses
ES 3.13Criteria for Scholastic Honors
ES 3.14Use of Student Images
ES 3.21Student and Employee Organizations
ES 3.22Student Travel
ES 3.23Student Rights and Responsibilities
ES 3.24Student Grievances and Complaints
ES 3.25Involuntary Student Separation or Withdrawal
ES 3.26Students with Disabilities
ES 3.27Student Recruitment
ES 4.03Conducting Classes with Less Than 10 Students
ES 4.06Grading System
ES 4.07Admission of Students
ES 4.08Alumni Follow-Up
ES 4.11Student Absences on Religious Holy Days
ES 4.13Changing a Grade on a Student’s Permanent Academic Record
ES 4.15Repeat Courses
ES 4.22Student Attendance Records
ES 4.23Calculation of Student Grade Point Average
ES 4.24Determination of Good Cause for Course Drops
ES 4.25Regulatory Reporting and Student Educational Services
ES 4.26Honorary Associates Degrees
ES 4.27Academic Integrity
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