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Advisement Center Staff

Vanessa Maldonado





Welcome back to TSTC! My name is Alma Gomez and I am the Interim Coordinator of the Testing and Advisement Center. I’m thrilled that you have decided to come back to school. Our department will be more than glad to assist and guide you to the accurate career pathway. I graduated from The University of Texas at Brownsville with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice in 2006. I will try my best to assist you with any questions you may have, and I hope to see you graduate. 

Alma Gomez





My name is Robert Foshie and I am the Perkins Technical Program Advisor in the TSTC Testing and Advisement Center. Our office is here to help you come back to college and we will support you throughout your education with whatever you need to succeed. Whether it is your first time in college or you have been out of school one year or ten years, it is our objective to help you complete your degree. I help students in a Technical Program/Major by ensuring they have all the resources needed available. It is important that you come see me in addition to your specific program advisor if you are pursuing a technical program (AAS/CER). I want to see you graduate and continue your education. You may schedule an appointment, come by the office, or feel free to call or email me anytime.

I completed an Associate of Applied Science degree at TSTC in Business/Office Technology and went on to earn my Bachelor of Art in English Literature from Grand Canyon University. I know that if I can do it, YOU can do it! I have worked at TSTC since 2008, and it is my goal to see you succeed. I will be more than happy to assist you with your needs related to completing a Technical Program at TSTC.

Robert Foshie

Perkins Technical Program Advisor




Hi! My name is Jessica Turrubiates and I am an advisor in the Testing and Advisement Center. I have been part of the TSTC family since 2001 and I am proud to say that I’m also a TSTC graduate. I continued my education at the University of Texas at Brownsville and earned a Bachelor of Applied Technology.  Utilizing my job skills and career experience, I look forward to meeting with you and assisting you in identifying your goals, determining the right major for you and supporting you in completing your educational goals in a friendly, helpful, and professional environment. I enjoy assisting students and serving as a resource to students while developing relationships throughout their college journey. Good luck and best wishes to your success!

Jessica Turrubiates





Thank you for your interest in TSTC Allied Health Programs!  My name is Nora A. Ramirez, Academic Advisor, with the Testing and Advisement Center and I am located in the Student Services Center (Bldg. EK Room 101A).  Whether you are a new student or returning, I am available to provide guidance and help you identify goals in determining the right major for you, assist you in the process of selecting courses for matriculation and provide you valuable resources available to you to help you achieve your goals.  I have been part of the TSTC Community since 2006, and strongly believe that technical education is the bridge to a higher education.  I am proof of that!  I graduated from TSTC with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Automated Office Technology, and in pursuit of a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Interdisciplinary Studies with UTB.  I look forward to meeting with you soon and start you in your path to success.

 Nora Alicia Ramirez

Allied Health Advisor




Hi there! My name is Brittany Johnson and I am a TSI advisor at the TSTC Testing and Advisement Center. Taking the leap into higher education can seem daunting, and sometimes we all need a little extra support and motivation to cross tasks off of our to-do list.I look forward to helping you begin the process of going to college, and will enjoy meeting with you as we assess your goalsand create a plan that will bring you success in your academic and professional future. It wasn't too long ago that I was in your shoes myself; I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication and a Minor in Business from Texas A&M University in 2009. After working in various industries including oil and gas, real estate, retail and public relations, I have had the opportunity to explore a wide range of positions and help you assess the right fit for you based on your personality and interests. Communication is key to success in any task or project, and I am excited to talk with you and help guide you through your college adventure.I look forward to meeting you!

Brittany Johnson





Congratulations to you for showing interest in Texas State Technical College and being one step closer to completing a degree with our institution. My name is Amanda Sandoval and I am an Advisor with the Testing and Advisement Center. It is my job to assist you along your college career by advising you on what courses to take and help you navigate which path you should choose to help you achieve your ultimate goal. In 2010 I graduated from The University of Texas-Pan American with a Bachelor’s of Science in Rehabilitative Services and continued my education to receive my Masters of Art in Communication in 2013. I remember having the hectic life of a college student and I am here to help you in any way to see you succeed. Good luck on your journey and never hesitate to stop on by the Testing and Advisement Center for any assistance!

Amanda Sandoval





Welcome to Texas State Technical College!  My name is Max Salazar, I am an Academic Advisor in the Testing and Advisement Center .  I look forward to meeting any past, present, or future student interested in attending our school.  I completed an Associate degree from Texas Southmost College in 1991 and graduated with my Bachelor degree from The University of Texas at Brownsville in 1993.  I will be glad to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about TSTC Harlingen.  I look forward to meeting everyone soon.

Max Salazar





Hi! I would like to welcome each and everyone of you to TSTC.  My name is Elma Gomez and I'm excited that you chose TSTC as your college.  We are here to assist you and advise you in the best way possible and to help you overcome any challenges in your academic path.  I'm passionate about what I do and I hope you will make this year a successful one!


Elma Gomez





Welcome to Texas State Technical College / Harlingen. My name is David Zieske, Academic Advisor with the Testing and Advisement Center located in the Consolidated Student Services Building – Bldg. EK – Room 101B.  I am glad that you are interested in the Academic Core. I am here to help you succeed with your educational goals.  Whether you plan to graduate from Texas State Technical College / Harlingen or transfer to another university you will find that the Academic Core will provide you with a solid base upon which to build your education. If you have any questions, my office door is always open to assist you.

David Zieske





Congratulations on choosing a program that is non-traditional for your gender! My name is Anna Cortez and I am a Gender Equity Advocate for the Testing and Advisement Center. I graduated from the University of Texas-Pan American with a Bachelors of Arts in English and a Minor in History and started working at TSTC Harlingen in 2005. As a Non-Traditional student, you will be at the forefront of breaking gender barriers and I would love to be right by your side every step of the way! Feel free to come visit me in the Testing and Advisement Center, Rm. 101, to learn more about the benefits TSTC Harlingen offers Non-Traditional students. See you around campus!

Anna Cortez

Equity Advocate Counselor



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