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Grade Point Average

Grade Point Average (GPA)

There are several useful tools for calculating your Grade Point Average (GPA). You are required to maintain a semester GPA of 2.0 as well as a Cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Term GPA refers to the GPA for courses in one particular term.

Standards of Progress Cumulative GPA includes developmental courses.

Use this link to assist you in calculating your GPA: http://www.back2college.com/raisegpa.htm

Additionally, the document found here https://www.tstc.edu/docs/6232.pdf may be beneficial to print and keep with you.

Completion Rate

It is also very important to know your Completion Rate. You are expected to maintain at least a 67% Completion Rate.

To calculate your Completion Rate you need to know your total Attempted Credit Hours with TSTC as well as the total actual Completed Credit Hours. 

Use the following formula: Total Completed Credit Hours / Attempted Credit Hours x 100 = _____ %

Scholastic Standing

• Good Standing - student maintains at least a 2.00 Standards of Progress Cumulative GPA and Term GPA.

• Scholastic Probation - student whose Standard of Progress Cumulative GPA and/or Term GPA falls below 2.00.

• Scholastic Suspension - occurs when a student on Scholastic Probation has a term and a cumulative GPA below 2.00.


This information and more can be found in the TSTC Student Handbook.

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