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Apply for Admissions

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Following these steps will help you get enrolled in a college credit program.

  1. Complete an application for admission online. Once the application has been submitted, report promptly any changes to the information in it (for example, name, address, starting term, major, etc.).
  2. Former college credit students who were previously enrolled at TSTC but have not attended TSTC for more than one year must reapply by completing the admission enrollment procedures and providing the appropriate required documents.
  3. Depending on the category under which the applicant qualifies for admission, submit the following additional documents:
    • High school graduate: an official copy of high school transcript
    • College or university transfer: official transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended previously
    • GED: a copy of GED certificate or official score report: www.texged.com
    • Individual approval students:
      1. Category IA:
        1. Individual Approval Form
      2. Category IB:
        1. Exceptional Admission Form which includes appropriate authorization; and
        2. College-level scores in the area of writing and/or reading and/or mathematics on an approved assessment instrument.
    • Exceptional admission students:
      1. Age 16 or older and currently enrolled in high school without a diploma or GED, or age 16 or older and a graduate of an unaccredited or home high school: exceptional admission form signed by parent or guardian and high school representative; qualifying scores in writing and/or reading and/or mathematics on approved assessment instruments
      2. Age 16 and no longer attending high school, or age 15 or younger: exceptional admission form signed by parent of guardian and high school representative; qualifying scores in writing, reading, and mathematics. (Note: An information session with a TSTC official is also required. Contact the appropriate Admissions Office for more information.)
  4. All TSTC students, unless exempt or TSI waived, must take an approved test for TSI before enrolling at TSTC. If you have attended another college an evaluation of your transcript by a Program Advisor or Academic Advisement Center may be enough. 

If you are exempt from testing based on scores from the following approved tests: TSI Assessment, ACT, ASSET, Compass, SAT, TAKS or THEA; further testing will not be required. You must provide a copy of your scores for evaluation to the Counseling & Testing Office prior to registration. If you are unable to provide your scores, you will be required to take an approved test for academic placement prior to registration. 

TSTC's Counseling & Testing office administers the TSI Assessment as its placement test. Please contact the department at 956.364.4310 or visit the website for TSI Requirements.      

Apply Now to TSTC

Texas State Technical College maintains an open admissions policy, but admission to the college does not guarantee admission to all programs.  Admission to some TSTC programs have specific requirements.  Information about the programs are available at the College Information Office located in the Student Services Building.

Please note: All documents submitted by applicants who do not register for the term indicated on the admission application will be retained for one year in Admissions. At the end of one year, all records are discarded unless the applicant has notified Admissions of continued interest in attending TSTC. All documents become the property of TSTC and are not returned to the students.

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