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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I find work? Do I have to leave the Valley?

The department has an extensive list of construction companies that have contacted the program wishing to interview/hire graduates. At the present time the demand for qualified construction workers is high. The graduates are assisted with making the initial contact with the construction firms. Construction activity in the Valley fair; however, the demand for employment outside the valley, especially in larger cities is a record high.

Should I go for the degree or the certificate?

If possible, you should pursue your studies in the degree program. Most employers will hire graduates with an associate degree due to undertaking the tougher courses in Mathematics, English, and Social Sciences plus have undertaken additional building construction courses dealing with commercial construction and building codes. Employers feel that someone who has earned his degree will be better able to communicate effectively and be better able to help solve some of the everyday construction problems that may occur, such an individual would likely be a good candidate for promotions leading into supervisory levels, as well as, project management.

What if I earned the certificate?

The one year certificate is designed for the individuals who would rather go to work and start earning some money quickly. The one year certificate curriculum has the necessary course requirements that would get you started in your career without having to take an additional courses. This certificate will provide you with entry level skills

Do I have to wait for the Fall Semester to start the program?

Yes, as each semester builds upon prior courses taught; however, students may enroll in general studies or/and development courses if needed.

Do I have to attend the Summer Semester?

The program is designed to train the person in the shortest amount of time while providing a good quality education, and in order to achieve this one must continue the training during the Summer Semester otherwise the one year certificate will become a year and half and the degree program will be two and half years.

What is THEA? And why should I have to take Developmental Courses?

Texas Higher Education Assessment. This is a survey of your English reading and writing skills that can determine whether you as a student are ready to enroll in the college freshman level course of Composition I (this is the same course every degree seeking college freshman takes in most public colleges and universities in Texas) and of your Mathematics skills. The math portion which will determine whether you are ready to enroll in College Algebra (same course in most public colleges and universities in Texas). The State Coordinating Board for Higher Education has determined that every student will comply with this requirement when entering college/university studies for the purposes of seeking a degree or a certificate beyond 42 college credit hours. If you have attended a college or university prior to September of 1989, you may be exempt from having to comply with this requirement.

What happens if I do not meet the required THEA level for English and Mathematics?

This is not a problem. All you have to do is take developmental courses, to bring your skill levels up to the requirement. Any student who has to take remedial courses must maintain enrollment in at least one remedial course while taking courses in his/her major, Building Construction Technology.

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Is there any Financial Aid available?

Yes, financial aid is available in the form of grants, loans and scholarships to TSTC students, but you must apply and apply early enough to allow for processing. A student should apply for financial aid as soon as possible. Contact the Financial Aid Office (see separate topic at the home page).

Do you have dorms?

Yes, we do. Dorms are available for single or for married students. Contact the Campus Housing Office (see separate topic at the home page).

Does the program have any student clubs?

The students may join the program's Student Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America or any number of the student organizations on campus. Intramural sport activities are available, as well as other recreational activities.

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