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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: If I am being sponsored by the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services(DARS), what do I do next?
Q: What do I do if an instructor refuses to accommodate me in class?
Q: Can a person who is deaf read lips?



Q: If I am being sponsored by the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services(DARS), what do I do next?

A: Students receiving sponsorship from DARS are encouraged to identify themselves with our office. Support Services is the designated office to serve as a liaison with these agencies. Students are not required to receive accommodations to process their sponsorship for the college.

Student Process for Books/Tools:

  1. Student will need to contact our office to inform that they will be sponsored by DARS prior to beginning of semester. Appointment will be set to meet with the Disability Accommodation Specialist. Student may opt to have an intake done at this time to discuss possible accommodations. If student does not want to receive accommodations, a Release of Information Form will be signed to receive and send information from sponsoring agency.
  2. Students receiving books or tools sponsorship will need to obtain a Book/Tool List form from the office. This form must be completed by the student and returned to our office. This form will then be faxed to the sponsoring agency for approval. Student will need to follow up with our office to inquire if DARS has approved the request by forwarding a Purchase Order to our office for sponsorship.
  3. Once the Purchase Order is received from the sponsoring agency, student may pick up their Purchase Order (Voucher) from our office to purchase approved items at the TSTC Bookstore. Student will need to return the receipt to Support Services.

Student Process for Tutorial Sponsorship:

  1. Students who receive sponsorship for tutorials will need to contact their respective DARS counselor to inform them of their need for tutorials.
  2. Student will need to come by Support Services and complete an Instructor Recommendation for Tutoring Service Form. The completed form will then be faxed to the sponsoring agency.
  3. Student will need to follow up with DARS counselor to inquire of specific tutorial arrangements.

Q: What do I do if an instructor refuses to accommodate me in class?

A: Instructors are not required to provide classroom accommodations to students who have not presented them with a Course Accommodation Form. If you have provided your instructor with these forms and returned the signed copies to our office, please contact the Disability Accommodation Specialist to discuss your concerns in a timely manner. Support Services Office will mediate all concerns regarding accommodations regarding Instructor refusal to accommodate qualified students with disabilities in the classroom.

Q: Can a person who is deaf read lips?

A: Yes, people who are deaf have the ability to read lips to a certain extent. However, even the best lip-readers do not obtain 100% of the information that is being said. There are also many factors that affect the quality of lip-reading such as beards, mustaches, lighting of the room, and many other things. A person who is deaf and utilizes American Sign Language, would benefit from effective communication when an interpreter is provided.


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