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Customer Service Principles
  1. To provide highly skilled and trained instructors to effectively educate students in the field of Chemical-Environmental Technology.
  2. To respond to the academic needs of students in a timely and professional manner.
  3. To provide and maintain well-equipped and up-to-date equipment and laboratory facilities.
  4. To continuously evaluate and improve the performance of the program as it relates to these principles.

Customer Service Goals

  1. To prepare graduates to be successful in the industry
    • by providing them with extensive hands-on experience.
    • by providing them with detailed instruction in the various courses.
    • by holding them to the highest academic standards.
  2. To increase retention
    • by working closely with the office of Student Success.
    • by providing tutoring and mentoring.
    • by soliciting monetary donations for scholarship awards.
  3. To continuously upgrade equipment, facilities, and faculty knowledge through donations, grants, and training opportunities.
  4. To provide a 100% employment placement rate for graduates

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