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TSTC Co-Curricular Transcript

What is a co-curricular transcript?
Your co-curricular transcript is an official, comprehensive record of all your activities, leadership experience, volunteerism and campus involvement while a student of Texas State Technical College. In other words, it’s a professional record of all the amazing things you did OUTSIDE of the classroom!

How can it help me?
When updated consistently, your co-curricular transcript will document a holistic picture of your interests, leadership abilities, motivation, gifts and abilities. You will have a detailed, official record of your activities outside of the classroom. How does that help you? Well….
Future employers can view your work;
You can easily keep track of your activities;
Your resumé will be much easier to construct;
It’s a great attachment for scholarship applications;
and it makes you a much more marketable candidate in your future job search!

What kind of information does it contain?
Your co-curricular transcript will be broken up into 5 different categories:

  • Awards & Honors: These can be academic in nature or honors received while working in an organization. 
    Examples: “Most Active Club Member” or “Dean’s List”
  • Leadership Development: List any leadership workshops or conferences attended while a student at TSTC. 
    Examples: “Student Organization Leadership Conference” or “Learning to Lead workshop – Civic Engagement”
  • Volunteer & Community Service: List any community service in which you participated while representing TSTC or a student organization. 
    Examples: “Adopt a Beach Cleanup” or “National Make a Difference Day – Community Garden”
  • Activities & Participation: List any participation in athletic teams, workshops attended, theater productions, art exhibits, etc.
    Examples: “Flag Football,” “Dia de los Muertos art exhibit,” or “Critical Thinking workshop: Going Green”
  • Student Organizations: List each position held in all student organizations in which you are a member.
    Examples: “Student Government Association – Member”, “Biology Club – President”

How can I get started on my co-curricular transcript?
We know you’re a busy college student, so we’ve made it easy for you! Just follow these simple steps:

  • GET INVOLVED in a co-curricular activity at TSTC. Get the most of your education by participating in the tons of activities and leadership opportunities TSTC has to offer outside of the classroom!
  • WRITE IT DOWN by printing the Co-Curricular Validation Form. One activity per category is allowed on each form. To add more activities, just use another form!
  • PROVE IT by getting an official validation signature for each category. This just means someone who witnessed your participation must sign under the activity. The validator must be a person who serves in an official capacity, such as the presenter or facilitator of the workshop, Director of a non-profit organization where you volunteered, the Advisor of your student club, or the presenter of an award/honor you received.
  • SUBMIT IT within one month of the activity to the Office of Student Life located in the Student Center, room 123. Your information will be entered in the system. Allow 2 weeks for data to be entered.
  • ASK FOR IT at the Office of Admissions.

Once I submit my validation form, how quickly will it post to my co-curricular transcript?
Please allow 2 weeks for processing.

What will my co-curricular transcript look like?
Click here to view a sample.

When should I submit the validation form?
Students must submit a validation form within one month of the co-curricular activity.
For example, Jorge attended a leadership conference on September 28. Jorge has until October 28 to submit a validation form.

How far back can my co-curricular activities be tracked?
Activities conducted prior to Fall 2009 may be submitted at any time, provided the validation form is complete and contains appropriate signatures. All co-curricular activities conducted within or after Fall 2009 must be submitted within one month of the activity.
Josh was SGA President in Fall 2006 and Spring 2007. He can submit a validation form anytime, provided he gets the proper validation signature.
Vanessa was elected SGA President on October 5, 2009. She has until November 5, 2009 to submit a validation form.

Can the same entry be submitted if I continue participating in a group or hold the same position for multiple semesters or years?
Yes. You should submit a validation form for each semester you are in an organization or participated in an activity.

What if I held more than one leadership position in an organization?
You should submit one validation form for each position you hold in the organization.

How can I access my co-curricular transcript?
You can access your co-curricular transcript in the same manner as your academic transcript. Go to the Office of Admissions for an official version or log in to your Webadvisor for an unofficial version.

Who can validate my entries?
All entries must be signed and validated by a person in charge of the activity in which you participated. Examples:
Presenter of workshop
Director of Non-Profit
Advisor of Student Club
Presenter of Award/Honor 

Must all entries be validated?

What do I do if I have a problem obtaining a validation signature?
Concerns should be brought to the Director of Student Life. Please visit the Office of Student Life located in the Student Center, room 123 or call 956-364-4302.

Where can I get the validation form?
Also, hard copies are available at the following locations: 
Office of Student Life, SC 123
Student Government Association Office, SC 122

Where can I get help with my entries or have my questions answered?
We’re here to help! Please visit the Office of Student Life located in the Student Center, room 123 or call 956-364-4302.

Can an entry on a co-curricular transcript be deleted?
Requests for deletions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Student Life. Please visit the Office of Student Life located in the Student Center, 123 or call 956-364-4302.

Do all activities have to be sponsored by TSTC in order to receive credit?
Yes. All activities must be done through TSTC or a TSTC registered student organization in order to receive credit on your co-curricular transcript.

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