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Humanities Courses

ANTH 2346 General Anthropology (3-0-3)
Study of human beings, their antecedents and related primates, and their cultural behavior and institutions. Introduces the major subfields: physical and cultural anthropology, archeology, linguistics, and ethnology.

ARTS - 1301 Art Appreciation (3-0-3)
Exploration of purposes and processes in the visual arts including evaluation of selected works. Prerequisite: READ100

MUSI – 1306 Music Appreciation (3-0-3)
Understanding music through the study of cultural periods, major composers, and musical elements. Illustrated with audio recordings and live performances.

PHIL 1304 Introduction to World Religions (3-0-3)
A comparative study of various world religions.

PHIL 2306 Introduction to Ethics (3-0-3)
Classical and contemporary theories concerning the good life, human conduct in society, and moral and ethical standards.

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