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Department Directory

The tables below list the main office lines for all departments on campus. If you would like to reach a particular staff member, please use the Employee Directory. If you encounter an error in this listing, please report it by using our Feedback form.

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Department Phone Send Email
Academic Computer Science 956.364.4630 Email
Admissions 956.364.4001 Email Admissions
Adult Basic Education Department 956.364.4463 Email Adult Basic Education Department
Advisement Center 956.364.4997 Email Advisement Center
Agricultural Technology 956.364.4756 Email Agricultural Technology
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology 956.364.4672 EmailAir Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology
Architectural Design & Engineering Graphics Technology 956.364.4635 Email Architectural Design & Engineering Graphics Technology
Associate Degree Nursing Preparatory 956.364.4678 Email Associate Degree Nursing Preparatory
Auto Collision Technology 956.364.4629 Email
Automotive Technology 956.364.4576 Email Automotive Technology
Aviation Maintenance Technology 956.364.4756 Email Aviation Maintenance Technology


Department Phone Send Email
Behavior Intervention Team 956.364.4301 Email Behavior Intervention Team
Biomedical Equipment Technology 956.364.4674 Email Biomedical Equipment Technology
Bookstore 956.364.4442 Email Bookstore
Building Construction Science 956.364.4631 Email Building Construction Science
Business Management Technology 956.364.4626 Email Business  Management Technology
Business/Social and Behavioral Sciences 956.364.4763 Email Business/Social and Behavioral Sciences


Department Phone Send Email
Cafeteria 956.364.4450 Email Cafeteria
Career Services Office 956.364.4106 Email Career Services Office
Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning 956.364.4950 Email Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Center for Science & Math Education 956.364.4464 Email Center for Science & Math Education
Center for Training & Staff Development 956.364.4950 Email Center for Training & Staff Development
Chemical Technology 956.364.4536 Email Chemical Technology
Co-curricular Transcripts 956.364.4370 Email Co-curricular Transcripts
College Assistance Migrant Program 956.364.4172 Email College Assistance Migrant Program
College Police 956.364.4220 Email College Police
College Readiness & Advancement 956.364.4562 Email College Readiness & Advancement
Communication & Humanities 956.364.4967 Email Communication & Humanities
Community Standards 956.364.4301 Email Community Standards
Computer Networking & Security Technology 956.364.4635 Email Computer Networking & Security Technology
Computer Science & Software Development 956.364.4630 Email Computer Science & Software Development
Computer Systems Management Technology 956.364.4630 Email Computer Systems Management Technology
Continuing Education 956.364.4606 Email Continuing Education
Corporate & Community Education 956.364.4606 Email Corporate & Community Education
Corporate Education 956.364.4568 Email Corporate Education
Counseling, Disabilities, & Health Services 956.364.4520 Email Counseling, Disabilities, & Health Services
Culinary Arts 956.364.4755 Email Culinary Arts
Curriculum 956.364.4603 Email Curriculum


Department Phone Send Email
Dental Assistant 956.364.4704 Email Dental Assistant
Dental Hygiene 956.364.4702 Email Dental Hygiene
Dental Laboratory Technology 956.364.4726 Email Dental Laboratory Technology
Developmental English 956.364.4713 Email Developmental English
Developmental Math 956.364.4973 Email Developmental Math
Digital Media Design Technology 956.364.4721 Email Digital Media Design Technology
Dual Enrollment 956.364.4321 Email Dual Enrollment


Department Phone Send Email
Education & Humanities 956.364.4638 Email Education & Humanities
Education & Training 956.364.4972 Email Education & Training
Educational Talent Search 956.364.4129 Email Educational Talent Search
Emergency Medical Technology 956.364.4739 Email Emergency Medical Technology
English 956.364.4769 Email English


Department Phone Send Email
Financial Accounting 956.364.4416 Email Financial Accounting
Financial Aid 956.364.4330 Email Financial Aid
Financial Literacy 956.364.4432 Email Financial Literacy


Department Phone Send Email
Game & Simulation Programming 956.364.4630 Email Game & Simulation Programming
General Studies 956.364.4139 Email General Studies


Department Phone Send Email
Health Information Technology 956.364.4634 Email Health Information Technology
Help Desk 956.364.5000 Email Help Desk
High School Equivalency Program 956.364.4505 Email High School Equivalency Program
Human & Organization Development 956.364.4042 Email Human & Organization Development


Department Phone Send Email
ID Card Services 956.364.4352 Email ID Card Services<
Institutional Advancement 956.364.4500 Email Institutional Advancement
Institutional Effectiveness & Research 956.364.4050 Email Institutional Effectiveness & Research
Intramurals 956.364.4344 Email Intramurals
Inventory Control 956.364.4460 Email Inventory Control


Department Phone Send Email
Learning Resource Center 956.364.4609 Email Learning Resource Center


Department Phone Send Email
Machining Technology 956.364.4632 Email Machining Technology
Marketing Department 956.364.4111 Email Marketing Department
Mathematics/Engineering 956.364.4784 Email Mathematics/Engineering
Mechatronics Technology 956.364.4982 Email Mechatronics Technology
Media & Publications Services 956.364.4619 Email Media & Publications Services
Medical Assistant 956.364.4806 Email Medical Assistant
Medical Information Specialist/Transcriptionist 956.364.4634 Email Medical Information Specialist/Transcriptionis
Migrant Academic Achievement Residential Summer Program 956.364.4464 Email Migrant Academic Achievement Residential Summer Program


Department Phone Send Email
Nurse Assistant 956.364.4797 Email Nurse Assistant


Department Phone Send Email
Online Learning 956.364.4950 Email Online Learning
Organizational Development 956.364.4950 Email Organizational Development


Department Phone Send Email
Physical Plant 956.364.4207 Email Physical Plant
Physics 956.364.4779 Email Physics
President's Office 956.364.4022 Email President's Office
Procurement Management 956.364.4427 Email Procurement Management


Department Phone Send Email
Registered Nursing
956.364.4983 Email Registered Nursing
Resource Development 956.364.4555 Email Resource Development
RGV BEST 956.364.4561 Email RGV BEST


Department Phone Send Email
Safety, Health & Environmental Affairs Office
956.364.4218 Email Safety, Health & Environmental Affairs Office
Staff Senate 956.364.4415 Email Staff Senate
State Travel Management Program 956.364.4425 Email >State Travel Management Program
Student Accounting 956.364.4418 Email Student Accounting
Student Clubs 956.364.4370 Email Student Clubs
Student Development 956.364.4301 Email Student Development
Student Government Association 956.364.4304 Email Student Government Association
Student Health 956.364.4306 Email Student Health
Student Housing 956.364.4235 Email Student Housing
Student Life 956.364.4370 Email Student Life
Student Recruitment Office 956.364.4117 Email Student Recruitment Office
Student Success 956.364.4163 Email Student Success
Surgical Technology 956.364.4805 Email Surgical Technology
Switchboard 956.364.4000 --


Department Phone Send Email
Technology Management Colleague Support 956.364.4355 Email
Telecommunications Technology 956.364.4725 Email Telecommunications Technology
Testing Center Services 956.364.4308 Email Testing Center Services
Tex Prep 956.364.4517 Email Tex Prep
Title IX - Students 956.364.4301 --
Title IX - Employees 956.364.4302 --


Department Phone Send Email
University Center 956.364.4606 Email University Center
Upward Bound 956.364.4502 Email Upward Bound


Department Phone Send Email
Veterans Services 956.364.4387 Email Veterans Services
Vocational Nursing 956.364.4636 Email


Department Phone Send Email
Webmaster 956.364.4146 Email Webmaster
Welding Technology 956.364.4814 Email Welding Technology
Wind Energy Technology 956.364.4780 Email Wind Energy Technology
Workforce Investment Act 956.364.4180 Email Workforce Investment Act

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