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Customer Service Principles

Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the department, Digital Media Design Technology, is to provide a highly graphical-based technical education program and produce highly trained graphical artists to work in various media fields at an entry-level position.  The Graduates are knowledgeable in the various fields of sound editing, web page design, photo editing, 3D animation, digital video, pre-press, magazine and newspaper layout design, color theory and multimedia applications.  The Department will assist qualified graduates in finding employment in an entry-level position from our various fields of media.

Customer Service Principles:

The Department of Digital Media Design Technology provides instructional services to TSTC Harlingen customers - students and industry.

  1. To support and optimize service delivery to its customers, the Digital Media Design Technology department will acquire and deploy information resources efficiently and effectively.

  2. The Digital Media Design Technology department will respond carefully to customer needs, preferences and priorities.

  3. Evaluations and Customer feedback will be the basis for improving the quality of instruction.

  4. The Digital Media Design Technology department will provide excellence by maintaining highly skilled and certified faculty and staff who treat students with respect and nurture students' self-esteem.

Customer Service Goals

The Digital Media Design Technology department faculty and staff will:

  1. Support and promote effective use and management of the instructional resources of the DMDT department.

  2. Integrate available state-of-the-art education technology for instructional delivery through the use of Team Leaders who will:

    • Maintain an up-to-date syllabi and unit plans for assigned core courses.

    • Provide instructional materials, unit plans, examinations, presentations, etc. in a timely fashion.

  3. Be accountable and responsive to our customers (students), including:

    • Returning customer calls/e-mails within one working day of receipt.

    • Initiating resolution within one working day of initial call/e-mail.

    • Resolving problem within one week of initiative.

    • Posting and forwarding feedback requests to immediate supervisor on all e-mail correspondence and telephone messages.

  4. Communicate effectively by:

    • Providing a web site (http://dit.harlingen.tstc.edu) that has:

      1. Information regarding the Department.

      2. Information regarding DMDT services and support.

      3. Information regarding DMDT initiatives.

      4. Information regarding student activities.

    • Communicating such intentions via office and/or classroom posters and handouts.

  5. Strive to achieve 80% student satisfaction in "Instructional Delivery" items on the yearly Student Satisfaction Survey.

  6. Pursue professional development, as appropriate, and as outlined in Instructional Division guidelines.

  7. Acquire up-to-date industry certification(s), as appropriate, and as outlined in individual Professional Growth Plans.

Progress For Receiving Information And Filing Complaints

The department of Digital Media Design Technology will respond within one business day to any and all complaints.  Suggestions or complaints may be transmitted in person, telephone, e-mail, or in writing to the TSTC Harlingen Customer Relations Representative.  All suggestions or complaints will be acknowledged, reviewed and resolved within one week.

Customer Relations Representative

Mary Gallegos Adams
Vice President for Student Development
1902 North Loop 499
Harlingen,TX 78550
(956) 364-4300
Fax (956) 364-5126

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