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Frequently Asked Questions

TSTC - Education & Training (ET)  - General Questions

Q: What degrees/certificates are offered through the ET Program?

A: Our department offers a 49-credit hour Certificate of Completion which enables graduates to be placed in various educational positions within public and private schools. We also offer a 69-credit hour Associate of Applied Science degree which is an excellent stepping stone for Texas teacher certification.

Q:  Do any of your programs help me towards becoming a certified teacher in Texas?

A: They sure do! You can take our Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree to a majority of interdisciplinary degrees offered at many public universities/colleges in Texas. If you are looking for specifics, check out our articulation agreement with Texas A&M University - Kingsville (TAMUK).

Q: Does my "Area of Emphasis" while pursuing your AAS degree lock in my certifcation when becoming a teacher?

A: No it doesn't. Your certifications come from certiciation exams you will take for the State of Texas. For example, you can have your Area of Emphasis in General Education and pass the "Bilingual Education" exam and be certified in Bilingual Education. Your courses and Areas of Emphasis merely give you better preparation for certiciation exams.

Q: What are the ET Program requirements?

A: Aside from course requirements listed on each degree plan, students are required to have a Background Check & a Tuberculosis Test conducted prior to the end of their FIRST semester with our program.  Both of these checks serve mulitple purposes. They are needed for you to 1) Be allowed to enter our courses that require "field training" in elementary schools and 2) to gain employment in a school district in Texas.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Specific Questions

Q: Which courses can I receive a "D" in, and still have them count for my degree?

A: You can receive a "D" in any "Academic Core Course" (the basics) and still have it count toward our degree.  You must make a "C" or better on all program-specific courses (TECA,CDEC, EDTC). 

Q: Which courses can I take to satisfy the "General Education Elective"?

A: The "General Education Elective" is set up as a 'wild card' of sorts. Virtually ANY Academic Core course will satisfy this requirement for us. For a list of TSTC Academic Core courses, click here.

Q: Which courses are the "Approved Science and Lab" courses?

A: These courses include the following courses AND their respective lab: BIOL 1306/1307/1308/1309/2301/2302/2321; CHEM 1305/1405/1411/1412; PHYS 1401/1402/1415/1417/2425/2426

Q: Which courses satisfy the "Humanities/Fine Arts Elective"?

A: These courses include the following: ANTH 2346; ENGL 2321/2326/2331; PHIL 1301/1304/2306; SOCI 2319; SPAN 2323/2324; ARTS 1301/1303/1304; MUSI 1306

Q: Which courses satisfy the "Social/Behavioral Science Elective"?

A: These courses include the following: ECON 2301/2302; PSYC 2301/2314; SOCI 1301/1306/2319

Q: How do the "Area of Emphasis Course #1/#2" sections work?

A: The Areas of Emphasis are broken up into four sections (Bilingual Education; Early Childhood Education; General Education; Special Needs Education).  Taking two courses in any one section will satisfy this requirement. 

Q: Which courses have prerequisites?

A: The following is a list of courses and their prerequisites:

         EDTC 2311 prerequisite is EDTC 1301

         EDTC 2305 prerequisite is EDTC 1307

         CDEC 2340 prerequisite is CDEC 1359

         EDTC 1395 prerequisite is CDEC 1359

Q: Are any Education courses available online? 

A: The education courses provided through TSTC are not taught online, however, you can contact our Distance Learning Department and register for the following courses through VCT:

         EDUC 1301 transfers in for our EDTC 1301

         EDUC 2301 transfers in for our CDEC 1359

         TECA 1354 transfers in for our TECA 1354

NOTE: 1) If you register for these courses through our Distance Learning department, you will need to see us for a "SUB" form in order for Financial Aid to cover those classes. Contact David Casanova at 956-364-4890 with questions. 2) Some/all of those courses may require observation hours to be conducted at an elementary school for credit.  This is outside of TSTC and must be coordinated by you as the student. 

Q: Do any courses transfer into TSTC's ET Program from other universities?  

A: But of course...here's a running list of which outside courses transfer into our program (and for which class):

From Texas A&M International University

EDEC 2324 transfers in for our TECA 1354

Nelson-Denny Test Specific Questions

Q: Do I need it?

A: Maybe. You will need it if you plan on attending Texas A & M University - Kingsville (TAMUK).  You will need it in order to gain entrance into the College of Education.

Q: How long does it take?

A: The test is divided up into two sections. Section 1 is a timed 15 minute portion. Section 2 is a timed 20 minute portion. It would be safe to assume that you will be occupied for about 45 minutes total.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Nothing, unless you count time and energy. There is no fee to take this test.

Q: How often can I take it?

A: As ofter as they are offered. There are no time restrictions between tests.

Q: Where can I find the next test date?

A: View the calendar portion of our website located here: http://www.tstc.edu/harlingenet/calendars

Q: What is a passing score?

A: You need a score of four (4) to be considered passing. 

Field Observation Specific Questions - HCISD

Q: How current does my TB result have to be? 

A:  Skin tests are good within 1 year of date read. Chest X-rays are good for 3 years.  

Informational videos can be found here:

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