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How Enrollment Status Affects Financial Aid

Your financial aid award is based on the assumption of full time enrollment. Lowering your credit load can reduce your financial aid. To be eligible for student loans and state grants, your enrollment status must be at least half time. Enrollment status for loans and state grants is verified when these funds are credited to your account.

A "NO SHOW" is a student who registers for a class, never attends the class and does not "OFFICIALLY WITHDRAW." For financial aid, credits for "No Show" courses do not count in enrollment status that is used to determine award amounts. (Example: Your registration may be for 12 credits, however you do not show up to a 3 credit hour class, therefore your financial aid will be reduce to reflect the hours attended. However, for Standards of Academic Progress, the entire 12 credits will be evaluated.)

If you are a "NO SHOW" in some of your classes, your enrollment status and your financial aid will be adjusted if necessary.

If you are a "NO SHOW" in all classes, you must immediately return 100% of the Financial Aid credited to your student account and you will be responsible to pay 100% of tuition and fees since a space in the class was reserved for you.

How to clear a “NO SHOW” status:

  1. Attend class. You must attend class when scheduled. Notify your instructor about your attendance. Attend and clear no show before census date (Official Record Date). Please check the school calendar for each semester's census date.
  2. Meet with all of your class instructors about clearing your “NO SHOW” status. You must attend class, in order for the clearance to be approved.
  3. Verify your schedule to ensure that you are attending the class section that you registered for. You may print your schedule on WebAdvisor by using the MyTSTC tool: https://portal.tstc.edu

Students must stay in class at least 60% of the scheduled class days in order to earn 100% of their Federal Financial Aid including LOANS and GRANTS. A student who withdraws, drops out, or is dismissed before 60% is completed will be required to pay back a portion of their financial aid under the Federal Return of Title IV Funds Policy.

Students who receive all F's for a term are considered unofficial withdrawals and will be required to pay back a portion of their financial aid under the Federal Return of Title IV Funds Policy.

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