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Verification is a review process mandated by the Federal Government, to check the accuracy of information reported on financial aid documents submitted by students and their families. If your application is selected for verification, you will receive notification from TSTC-Office of Financial Aid. Please do not submit any documents unless we request that you do so.

You will be mailed along with notification any forms requested. If you should need additional copies, please download only the forms requested by our office.Verification Forms - Academic Year 2012 (12/FA, 13/SP, 13/SU),


Verification Forms - Academic Year 2014 (14/FA, 15/SP & 15/SU)

Employment / Non-Employment Verification
High School Completion Status
Household Size Form
Identity of Educational Purpose
Income & Expense Verification
Non-Tax Filer Form
SAR Signature Page
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Verification
Statement of Support
Untaxed Income Verification
US Selective Service Registration Compliance
Verification Worksheet for Dependent Student
Verification Worksheet for Independent Student
Household Resources Verification Dependent
Household Resources Verification Independent 



Financial Aid Forms Fall 2015 through Summer 2016

Asset Worksheet Dependent Student 

Asset Worksheet for Independent Student

Child Support Paid Worksheet Dependent

Child Support Paid Worksheet Independent

Dependency Override

Drug Worksheet

High School Completion Status

Household Resources Verification Dependent

Household Resources Verification Independent

Identify and Statement of Educational Purpose

Low Income Verification Worksheet Dependent

Low Income Verification Worksheet Independent

Marital Separation Verification

Receipt of SNAP Benefits Dependent

Receipt of SNAP Benefits Independent

Tax Transcript Information

Unusual Change of Circumstances Parent

Unusual Change of Circumstances Student

Verification Worksheet Dependent

Verification Worksheet Independent

Unusual Enrollment History Review


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