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Justification Statement for Budget Changes

The justification statement should clearly and concisely state the fiscal procedure that is to take place on the "Request for Budget Change". Proper terminology should be used and the following information should be included:

  1. A purpose
  2. Source of funds
  3. Name of funding enterprise
  4. Terms of contracts
  5. Effect of the budget change
  6. Number of budgeted positions changed if applicable

Listed below are samples of correctly worded justifications:


To reallocate $5,000 within the Inventory Control Account decreasing other operating expense and increasing travel expense to provide for necessary training. This budget change does not increase the E&G fund budget, or the number of budgeted positions.


To reallocate $15,000 from Building Maintenance decreasing operating and increasing operating in Grounds Maintenance to make landscape adjustments following recent building repairs. This budget change does not increase the E&G fund budget, or the number of budgeted positions.


To decrease the Student Activities account based on revised estimates of income from Designated Tuition. The estimate considers actual income for the Fall semester and projected income for the Spring and Summer semesters. This budget change requires that a counseling position remain vacant for the reminder of the year and decreases the Designated Fund budget by $20,000. Note: a position change is also needed due to a decrease in a full-time position.


To establish an operating budget of $500,000 for the cost related to an increase in the funds awarded under the Carl Perkins Basic Grant agreement with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The contract period is 9-1-10 through 8/31/11. This budget change increases the restricted budget, but not the number of budgeted positions.

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