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:: Frequently Asked Questions

:: How would I get Phone and Internet connections?

Students must make arrangements, including billing, with phone and internet companies. Most dorms have phone and internet connections available (where previous students have had phone and internet installed before). Students should not make satellite/telephone/internet installation arrangements before they have moved in. Arrangements can be made after move in date. Students may risk additional fees from the companies if there are any changes in their assignment. TSTC is not liable for those fees, especially if arrangements are done before move in date.

:: Cable TV?

Digital cable is available, and arrangements and billing contracts with any preferred company should be done on student’s time. Permission needs to be given by the Housing Supervisor for the installation of satellites.

:: What if I lose or misplace my keys?

First of all, DON’T LOSE YOUR KEYS!!! But if you do, immediately contact the Housing Office. You will be charged a lock re-keying fee of $30.00. Once fee is paid, a new key will be issued to you. Unauthorized duplication is forbidden and is now impossible; violators will be penalized.

:: What if my roommate locks me out or I lock myself out?

Always carry your keys to avoid being locked out. If you are locked out, go by the Housing Office and borrow a key. You will need to sign out for the borrowed key. If this happens after office hours, contact College Police at 873-2677 for help.

:: Who makes repairs in my dorm?

If you have a minor repair needed in your dorm, you need to go by Housing Office and request a work order form. Work orders are performed on priority or emergency basis. You need not be present; maintenance staff will perform with work order request. Work Orders should be requested at https://hrl-phyplant.harlingen.tstc.edu/home.html or filled out at the Housing Office. Students may not tamper or attempt to repair items that are in need of repairs. Students may risk an injury and damage items to which the student is liable for.

:: What if my belongings get lost or have been stolen?

You will need to report the incident to College Police immediately. Anytime you suspect criminal activity, report it immediately to Housing Staff or College Police.

:: Can my belongings be left in the dorm, if I skip a semester or graduate, until I have time to go remove them? And can I keep the keys until I remove them?

NO. You will be charged rent until your belongings are out and keys are turned into the Housing Office (charges will also be applied into the next semester).

:: Can I bring furniture from home?

You need to get the housing supervisor's approval first. No big sofas, big mattresses or weight equipment is allowed. Dorms are furnished to comply with fire code restrictions.

:: Do I need a parking permit for Housing?

Yes. All students must bring proof of purchase of the TSTC student parking permit and shall receive a Housing permit at no charge. Students must bring Drivers License to Housing Office and pick up a new parking permit every semester. Permits are issued starting Open Registration Day.

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