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Access System Information

From Red Reader to Green AccessGranted

Access control buildings have the ability to handle the uniquely complex access control issues facing higher education. Our access control and security helps provide a state-of-the-art access control solution that goes well beyond the process of unlocking doors.

Types of Access

Building Access: Allows employees have access to temporarily unlock a door for 7 seconds which allows them entry into the building or designated area.

Building Unlock/Lock Access: Allows employees to permanently unlock and lock doors permanently in addition to temporary access.

Access Instructions

Locked Doors will display a red LED on the swipe reader. To gain access or unlock doors follow these instructions. 

  1. Swipe Once: Allows the door to temporarily unlock for 7 seconds which allows access into the designated area.
  2. Swipe Twice: Permanently unlocks the door for those users with unlock/lock access.

Unlocked Doors will display a green LED on the swipe reader. To lock down a door follow these instructions.

  1. With the green LED swipe once and the LED will turn RED which locks the door.

Access Control Features

  1. Control doors, turnstiles, and more.
  2. Access privileges can be granted or denied based on a wide range of criteria.
  3. Shared calendars, schedules, and patron groups for consistency.
  4. Access Reports show activity and patron access records.
  5. To get access fill out this form and turn into the ID Center.




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