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Copyright Information

TSTC Harlingen faculty and staff are strongly urged to prepare well in advance before using any copyrighted material in class.

To do so, click on the Copyright Clearance Center page and become familiar with how to order reprints and to obtain permission to use materials in class.

Contact Ms. Nancy Hendricks at ext. 4708 or Dr. Regina Garza-Mitchel at ext. 4601 for assistance in purchasing permission.  The Learning Resource Center has allocated funds to cover the cost of items you wish

to purchase from the Copyright Clearance Center.  Take note, however, that requisitions do take time so please prepare well in advance so you may use these valuable resources.


US Copyright Office has an informative site with general information on US copyright law, legislation, announcements, and international treaties. 

Public Domain
Find out when works pass into the public domain in the US as well as scholarly resources on this very interesting subject. Copyright protection was always meant to be for a limited time, after which materials would become available to the public for just about any use imaginable. Laura Gassaway has developed a detailed chart to indicate when works in the United States pass into the Public Domain, with annotations by the staff at Cornell University. Please click here to see the chart.

For a very interesting and thoughtful discussion of the Public Domain, go to this collection of papers from the Duke Law School Conference on the Public Domain as published in Law and Contemporary Problems at http://www.law.duke.edu/journals/lcp/.

For a graphic look at how many works might have gone into the Public Domain if certain laws weren't passed by Congress, click here.

To get a variety of opinion and topics relating to the Public Domain you can search the archives of the listserv for CNI-Copyright.

Lots of folks are interested in copyright law and intellectual property issues. Here are a few.

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