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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my User ID and PIN?

A User ID and PIN is a unique log in for our online catalog called I-Links.  Having an account in I-Links allows you to:

find a list of materials you have checked out,
renew materials,
reserve material,
access lots of useful tools,
and much more. 

Your User ID is your seven digit student or employee number.  Your PIN is a special four digit number assigned to you by the I-Links system.  Come to the LRC circulation desk, it only takes a few minutes to activate your account.

How do I Log On?

Zero in on our Navigation Bar on the Left.  Click on the Book Catalog link.  In the top right hand corner you will see two boxes.  Type in your User ID and PIN (please include all numbers including any 0’s).  For further help please call the LRC at extension 4609. 

How do I access my Account?

To access your account, log into the I-Links Catalog with your User ID and Pin, then click on the My Account tab on the gray bar.  Here you can; Review your account, Renew materials, change your Pin number or update your address.  

Can I find a list of Materials I have checked out?

Yes, the I-Links Catalog provides you with a way to keep track of your materials.  Log in and click on My Account and then click on Review My Account you can see the materials you currently have out and their due date(s).

Where do I find responses to the forms I filled out?

Because we here at the LRC want to provide great customer service you can expect to receive a response to any request or form you fill out.  Log into your I-Links account, and click on My Account and select Review my Account.  You will see a list of materials you currently checked out, a dark blue bar will appear in the middle of your screen signifying you have a response.  Click on this bar you will see a response to your inquiry.  Click on Help on the blue bar if you need more information.

How do I Renew Material?

There are now two ways you can renew materials.  You can bring the materials to the LRC Circulation Desk, or go online.  To renew online just log into your account using your User Name and PIN, and click on My Account.  Click on Renew materials to see a list of materials you have checked out and their due dates.  By selecting the box next to the title (or titles) of the material(s) you want to renew and clicking on submit a new due date will appear.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to renew materials if they are overdue or on hold for someone.  Remember; if you have material checked out or unpaid fines at the end of the semester a hold will be put on your account.

Do I have to log on to search for materials?           

No, you don’t have to log on to your I-Links account to search for materials, access the Library Information, or the Knowledge Portal.  You do need to log on to access your account, use a form, or to put a book on hold. 

How do I find materials?

You  may  access us online through any computer or borrow our catalog computer located at the front of the LRC by the Circulation Desk. Just go to the LRC website at: http://www.tstc.edu/harlingenlibrary/, and click on the book catalog link on the left side of the page. On the main page of our catalog you will see a search box.  Type in your search term (remember: the broader the search term the more results you will receive).  From the drop down menu choose one of the labels: Word or phrase, Author, Title, or Subject and hit enter.  Use can also access Power search which lets you choose one or more label.

I got too many returns! How do I narrow my search?

You can narrow your search by using the finding tools included in I-Links.  The Details button will show you more information about an item.  Click on Details then look on the navigation bar on your left.  Here you will find helpful tools like: Nearby items on the shelf, More by this author, and Categories.  Click on one of the subcategories and I-Links will sort your returns and show you only those that belong in that subcategory.  Not what you need?  Just hit the Go Back button to return to your original search.

How do I put something on Hold?

When the I-Links record reports there are no current copies available or the item is currently checked out you can put the item on hold.  Click on Details key on the main screen, this will take you into the record for the item.  On the left, at the very top of the column you will see place hold.  Click here to be taken to a screen that automatically fills in the title you are requesting, at this time you can put in a need by date.  This is the last date you want the material.  If you leave the Need by date blank, you will be on the list until the material is available.  Once the material comes in you will see a message in your Review my Account.     

What if you don’t have what I need?

The LRC has an agreement with many other libraries to borrow materials for a two week period so we are fill most requests.  You may go to World Cat in our database and search for appropriate titles.  Once you find an item(s) you want copy down the title, authors, publisher, and date.  Then call the Technical Services Librarian at (956) 364-4612 or the Public Service Librarian at (956) 364-4708 and give her the information.  It usually takes about 2 weeks to receive the materials due to processing and shipping times.  You may also fill out the Search Services form under the I Need Material section.

How do I request materials to be added to the collection?

The LRC is always looking to expand our collection, and to help us do that we have included two ways for faculty and staff to help.  Log in and click on I Need Materials, then click on Recommend to Order to request materials that will beneficial to TSTC students, faculty, and staff. You may also request additional copies of a item by using the Request Additional Copies form. 

How do I ask for help with research?

If you are doing research and need help getting started, or do not have time to start, the LRC can help. Log into the I-Links catalog and click on the I Need Material tab on the gray bar.  Click on Search Services and fill out the form as completely as you can.  A message will be sent to your account when we receive the form, and when the materials are ready for pick-up. You may also contact the Public Service Librarian directly at (956) 364-4708.  

How do I find the information links?

You can access many helpful tools through I-Links.  Click on the Knowledge Portal on the gray bar, and then click on the World Wide Web link.  Here you will find: dictionaries, a thesaurus, a quotation site, two medical dictionaries, two great online reference sources, and Citation Machine.  Included are zip code search, time search, U.S. government information (USA.gov), and other links which gives you access to a host information.  

How do I find the News Links?

You can catch up on the day’s news two ways.  Click on news links in the navigational bar on our home page or through I-Links.  In I-Links, click on the Library Information link and click on News.   Included are local, regional and national online new sources.

What are your Hours?

Our hours are posted in two places.  On our main page you can find the hours listed on the right hand column at the bottom of your screen.  In the I-Links catalog you can click on Library Information on the gray bar, and click on hours.  Our hours are Monday through Thursday 7:30 – 8:00pm, Friday 7:30 – 5 pm, Saturday 12-4 pm, and closed on Sunday.

Where can I find information on Copyrights?

You can find the TSTC Copyright Information policy two ways.  You may go to the LRC homepage and find it listed on the navigation bar on your left. You may also find the policy by going to the I-Links catalog and click on Library Information.  Click on Policies and Procedures to find information about Copyright infringement and useful links to learn more about Copyright laws.

What Services do you provide?

The LRC provides a verity of services from copies to Study Room use.  A list of these services can be found in I-Links.  Just click on the Library Information page on the gray bar, and click on Services.  Here you will find maps of the library and a list of services we provide.

How do I contact you?

We here at the LRC want of provide great customer service so there are a verity of ways to contact us.  If you have a question or concern we can be reached during our hours of operation by calling (956) 364-4610.  You may also find email addresses and phone numbers of staff members on I-links.  In I-Links click on Library Information tab and then click on Staff Page.   Or you can log into I-Links, click on the Contact Us tab on the gray bar and fill in the form.  

Didn’t find the answer you needed??

If you have a question or concerns feel free to contact us during business hours at: (956) 364- 4609.

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