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Hector Yanez Takes Over as Engineering Division Director

Saturday, January 4, 2014
By Eladio Jaimez

YanezHector Yanez is bringing his own personal philosophy to his new job at Texas State Technical College.

On Jan. 2, Yanez took over as Division Director of Engineering. He takes over that role after serving three years as Architecture Design and Engineering Graphics (ADEG) Program Chair. In total, Yanez has spent the past 23 years working for TSTC.

His latest promotion gives him the responsibility of running the entire Engineering Division and Yanez said he’s ready for the new challenge.

“I’m going to apply the same philosophy I applied to the ADEG Program,” Yanez said. “I’m going with the same principles that made it work for us in our program and let it encompass the whole division hoping it yields the same results.”

In his three years as program chair, Yanez used what he called a “people-oriented” approach to running the program.

“It’s a transitional leadership style that focuses on faculty, staff and students,” Yanez said. “We get a lot of return for our investment.”

In the past three years alone, Yanez said this philosophy along with the effort of his faculty and staff, led to a spike in enrollment of female students in his male-dominated program from 11 percent to 32 percent.

National studies show that students who enter into nontraditional careers, like women in architectural design and engineering, are more in demand and can earn more money.

Yanez said an increase like that benefits everyone in the program or division.

“Any kind of positive increase like that is going to help every student involved,” Yanez said. “We saw it here in our program.”

He’s hoping that same increase will occur throughout the division soon.

Aside from the ADEG program, Yanez will now oversee Biomedical Equipment Technology (BET), Chemical Environmental Technology (CET), Engineering Science (ENGR), Mechatronics Technology (MT), Telecommunications Technology (TET), and the Wind Energy and Turbine Technology (WET) program here and in Ingleside.

Yanez is currently pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Grand Canyon University.

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