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Carrillo Takes Over as Safety Officer

Friday, May 30, 2014
By Eladio Jaimez

CarrilloOn any given day, Enrique Carrillo can be seen riding around the Texas State Technical College campus on a golf cart.

Carrillo is simply watching over the campus as the newly appointed Safety Officer, overseeing the safety and safety procedures of the entire college.

"It definitely keeps me busy," Carrillo said. "I've been reviewing a lot of our safety policy and implementing more policy all over the campus. I get to ride in my golf cart all day going from building to building. It's non-stop work from the moment I get here at 7:30 (a.m.) to the time I leave around 5:30 (p.m.)."

Up until a few weeks ago, Carrillo was still teaching courses in the Wind Energy Technology (WET) Program. As of the end of the Spring Semester, Carrillo was officially the fulltime Safety Officer and looks forward to the challenges of each day.

"I'm looking for feedback and new ideas to make our college a safer place for students, staff and faculty," Carrillo said.

On Tuesday during TSTC's Professional Development Day, Carrillo was part of the Behavioral Intervention Team panel that included staff and faculty members from TSTC.

Carrillo's responses to audience questions and suggestions for situational responses led acting TSTC President Stella Garcia to award Carrillo with the Presidential Coin at the end of the day's mini conference.

The TSTC Harlingen President's Challenge Coin was commissioned by former TSTC President Cesar Maldonado in 2010 as a means of bestowing special recognition to students, staff, faculty and others for their contribution to the college. The president awards the TSTC Harlingen President's Challenge Coin to recognize extraordinary effort and performance in the areas of leadership, innovation, excellence, and integrity.

"When I was sitting up there as part of the panel, I was extremely nervous," Carrillo said. "I just answered as best as I could and made the suggestions that I thought were in the best interest of the safety of the students, staff and faculty. I was very humbled and honored to be awarded the coin in front my peers and I share it with everyone at TSTC."

Carrillo's leadership was recognized on Tuesday but he's been leaving his mark at TSTC since he first arrived and is a well-respected employee of the college.

In 2007, Carrillo was laid off from La Palma Power Station in San Benito at the age of 52 and decided to go back to school.

Carrillo eventually took over the AMIST (Advanced Manufacturing Integrated System Technology ) Program and went on to complete Certificate I and II levels in the Wind Energy Technology (WET) program. Carrillo became an instructor in the WET program teaching classes in the certification process. But in order to teach upper level WET courses, Carrillo need his associate's degree. So he embarked on another journey.

Last spring, Carrillo completed his Associate of Applied Science Degree in Wind Energy Technology and was one of 10 students to graduate as a Board of Regents Scholar. These are students that graduate with a 4.0 Grade Point Average (GPA).

Carrillo remained with the WET Program until earlier this month when he took over as the Safety Officer. And his philosophy remains the same as when he was an instructor and students at TSTC.

"When you start something you have to finish," Carrillo said. "You can't leave anything pending. You just have to stay focused, dedicated and disciplined."

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