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Martinez Changes Direction, Finds Passion for Aviation

Saturday, June 1, 2013
By Eladio Jaimez

MartinezAt 17-years old, Omar Martinez made a decision he hoped would change his life for the better.

Now a year into the Aviation Maintenance Technology program at Texas State Technical College, Martinez is glad he made it.

“I was a hardhead in high school,” the 2010 Mercedes High School graduate said. “I was a little narrow-minded and didn’t like to listen to advice or any input from anyone. And it had a lot to do with my surroundings…my peers back then. All I cared about was finding the next party. Today I’m all about doing my homework and getting the job done.”

Martinez enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and went active immediately following his high school graduation. Martinez knew that unless he joined the Marines, he wouldn’t receive the discipline he needed.

“People who knew me then and see me now notice a big difference right away,” Martinez said. “I made a complete turnaround in my life and I’m headed down the right path now. I’m all about goals…I’m goal-oriented and I work hard every day to achieve those goals. That’s what the Marine Corps instilled in me.”

It also instilled a passion for aircraft.

 “It just interested me from the moment I got there,” Martinez said. “I would notice the mechanics working on the aircraft and then when they’d tell me how much they made; it was just something I knew I wanted to look into when I got out.”

So once Martinez was done serving with the Marines full-time, he enrolled at TSTC and the Aviation Maintenance Program last fall. He hopes to complete his associate’s degree in the next school year and move on to a good paying job.

The changed Martinez said his family is his biggest support system and they motivate him every day to finish strong.

Martinez’s short-term goals include graduating and landing a job with the Department of Defense. Eventually he’d like to start his own aviation business.

“I want to be successful and let my parents know that it’s because of them that I am,” Martinez said. “I have three younger sisters. One of them is going to be a senior in high school and I know I’m setting an example. I want them to know that if their brother can do it, they can too.”

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