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TSTC PD Receive Hands-on Training

Friday, October 4, 2013
By Eladio Jaimez

TrainingTexas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) training Coordinator Larry Frye knows his way around a fight.

And for three days last week, he used his expertise from over 30 years in law enforcement to train the Texas State Technical College Police Department and other law enforcement agencies from the Valley how to handle disruptive students.

Aside from TSTC PD, Brownsville ISD PD, Harlingen PD, La Joya ISD PD and some TSTC staff and faculty took part in the three-day training session.

"We went from teaching them how to handle one disruptive student to facing a situation where two students are fighting," Frye said. "From there, we train them how to handle a situation if a student is armed and pointing a weapon at them."

The trainees received a certificate on the third day and Frye said they would be required to train every three years in order to remain certified.

"We train them in order that no one gets hurt when they handle a situation," Frye said. "Many times in the past, student or the officers themselves have gotten hurt because of how they handle the individual. What we're teaching them here, is how to go about it in a safe way and still get the situation under control."

This is the first time TEEX has provided this type of training at TSTC. Frye said TSTC PD Police Chief Aurelio Torres contacted him and later handled the promoting of the training by notifying local law enforcement and educational agencies.

"We're not here to train them how to handcuff or tie someone up," Frye said. "We don't dog pile anyone. Some people will tie up students or sit on them until backup arrives. We don't do that."

Frye and his group have conducted trainings with the Harlingen ISD, Laredo United ISD and the Brownsville ISD in the past.

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