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Moodle Gradebook


What is the difference between the Moodle Grader Report and Joule Gradebook?

They are both Moodle gradebooks to which grades can be added and edited. The grader report is the default gradebook and the Joule gradebook is an alternative gradebook. The Joule gradebook has some features that make it a little more efficient to enter grades and send messages to students within assignment grade ranges or to those who did not complete an assignment.

What is the difference between Joule Gradebook and Joule Grader?

The Joule Grader is a grading option – not a gradebook. It can be used to grade advanced forums and assignments. Grades saved using the joule grader will populate the Moodle gradebook.

Can Extra credit be added to points in a course?

Yes, make sure that it is added to a category or a course using simple weighted mean of grades or Sum of Grades. For the grade item, check the extra credit box within the Full view screen of the Categories and Items page. You can also add extra credit points to assignments. This can be tricky if students score above 100 with the added extra credit.

How can students view their course averages?
Students click on the “Grades” link on the course homepage. They will see the User Report for the course containing grade items and averages.

How can you provide students a running average (or – Why can’t students can’t see their averages?)

In the Settings tab, set the Overview Report and User report Hide Totals option to “Show totals excluding hidden items.” This will allow students to see a running total even if some course items are not yet available. The settings tab also has options that will determine how the user report looks. Experiment with the different settings until you get the view you want your students to see.

Should a grade item be provided for categories containing only one grade item?

Yes, this alleviates issues with category and course average overrides.

Should categories be used?

They are not necessary if you are not weighting categories; however, they can help you to provide organization to your gradebook.

Why is my assignment hidden (grayed out) in the gradebook?
The grade item (assignment, quiz, forum, etc) is hidden. This may have been hidden on the course homepage and/or the gradebook level. Navigate to the categories and items page and make sure the “eyes” are open for the grade items.

I am entering in grades but the final course averages aren’t changing even though they should be.

This is usually due to an overridden category total (this can be the result of various issues). Take a look at your user reports and scan them for the word “overridden” usually at a category and/or a course total level. Once you identify the category that is overridden, navigate to the grader report screen and “Turn editing on.” For each student you will need to click the edit icon, uncheck the box next to the word “overridden” and save. If the course average has also been impacted and marked as overridden, then you will have to repeat this process for those items as well.

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