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Scholastic Standing

Students enrolled in college courses have a Scholastic/Academic Standing.  This includes traditional college students and students taking Dual Enrollment or Concurrent Enrollment courses.  The basic Scholastic Standing levels at TSTC include:

1) Good Scholastic Standing -  Both Term and Cumulative GPA is = 2.0
2) Scholastic Probation - Either Term GPA or Cumulative GPA is < 2.0 (less than)
3) Scholastic Suspension* - Both Term GPA and Cumulative GPA are < 2.0 (less than)
    or Term GPA is < 2.0 (less than) for the last two semesters, regardless of your Cumulative GPA

It is important to have a "Good Scholastic Standing" especially if you are receiving financial aid or financial assistance through other programs like WIA and VIDA.  It is also important to keep in mind that although a student may have a "Good Scholastic Standing," it does not mean that the student is automatically eligible for financial aid.  A student must also meet other Standards of Academic Progress, which include having a 67% Term and Cumulative Completion Rate and not have exceeded the "150% of the minimum number of hours required to complete [their] program." We strongly recommend students carefully read and review the Standards of Academic Progress as listed on the Financial Aid webpage at:http://www.tstc.edu/harlingenfinancialaid/sap to ensure you meet the criteria for financial aid eligibility. 

The link below summarizes information on each level of Scholastic Standing*Please note that students on Scholastic Suspension must follow an appeal process and participate in the HATSS Mentoring Program if they wish to continue  attending TSTC in the future. The link with information on the appeal process as well as the HATSS mentoring Program is also included below.


Scholastic Standing Chart

HATSS Mentoring Program


If you have any questions, or need more information on Scholastic/Academic Standing, please contact our office at (956) 364-4163. 

We hope this information is helpful to you! 

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