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Safety Tips

Do you want to help prevent crime but feel as though you don?t know where to start? Here are a few simple steps you can take right now to help prevent crime and increase your safety on campus.

For your Personal Security:

   Recognize potentially dangerous situations before they develop.
   Always be aware of your surroundings. Assess the risks and have a safety
   plan. Think about what you would do if you felt threatened.
   Be prepared to scream or shout if attacked.
   Respect your intuition; it could save you from danger. 
   Consider taking a self-defense course.
   When you are socializing, keeping a clear head makes it easier to make 
   wise decisions when it comes to personal safety.
   Avoid walking alone at night on campus parking lots. Utilize the College 
   Police personal safety escort service when you have safety concerns.

Your Personal Property: 

   Never leave your wallet, bag, purse or other items unsecured or unattended.
   Lock your dorm room, car and office when you leave.
   Do not leave keys, cash or other valuables in your desk drawers. Keep valuables out of sight in
   your parked vehicle.
   Participate in our Operation Identification Program by clearly marking your property. Marked
   property leaves no doubt as to ownership.
   Never carry your Personal Identification Number with your credit cards. Never tell anyone,  
   including a bank representative, your PIN.
   Never let anyone see your PIN when entering it on an Automatic Teller Machine.
   Always carry your bag or purse close to you where it cannot be easily snatched.
   Don't put your bag or purse on the floor when in a public toilet cubicle.
   Only carry sufficient cash for your immediate needs.

Preprogram the TSTC PD Emergency number in your cell phone: 956-873-2677

If you see something ? Say something.

Report any crime or safety concerns to TSTC police at 956-364-4220.

Together we can keep our Campus safe. 

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