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LVN - RN Transition Program Requirements for 2015-2016

Latest Important Update:  

As of June 10, 2015, the "application process" for this year's group of students has been moved to a later date. Announcement will be made and posted when it re-opens.

Jean Lashbrook,RN
Allied Health Division Director
Interim Contact
(956) 364-4797


Program Requirements:

___ 1. Be 18 years of age and eligible for TSTC admission; non probationary for grades;

___ 2. Be "TSI" complete;

___ 3. Completed Vocational Nursing (VN) Program and passed NCLEX-PN prior fall entrance date;

___ 4. All transcripts of courses taken from other colleges sent to TSTC Harlingen Admissions Office for review;

       (This will ensure that the prerequisite courses you completed and passed in other schools or colleges do MATCH, or acceptable, with the ones required in the TSTC Harlingen LVN-RN Transition program. Submission of transcripts of records to the TSTC Harlingen Admission Office for evaluation of courses is as much important as the other requirements.)

___ 5. One picture ID (US Passport or I-551 or current driver’s license) and copy of SSN (card);

___ 6. Completed and passed all prerequisite subjects with minimum grades of "C", regardless of how long ago you took them; 

     (The scoring process utilizes the point system in the final selection of the applicants for acceptance. It will be affected by the number of years or how long ago the applicant took them. The benchmark for the application period is five years. Applicants who took them within the last five years will be given higher points than those who took them longer than that. The scoring process will also consider the grades of the pre-requisite subjects. Better course grades mean higher points. Re-taking prerequisite subjects to earn better grades and higher points remains an option.)

If these prerequisite courses were taken at other institutions with different course numbers, please see Advisement Center as soon as possible. 

___ 7. Must pass L1 TX Board of Nursing Criminal Background Check (CBC) & 10 panel drug screen after being accepted;

     (During the application process, all applicants may be asked undergo fingerprinting for CBC by Texas BON, which will in return send the applicants blue cards and letters as proofs of clearance. These documents must be submitted to Program Chair prior to fall semester registration. Failure to submit blue cards or other letters of clearance will not be allowed to register or continue with the program.)

___ 8. Outside employment of 12 hours a week or more is not recommended while in program;

___ 9. All immunizations must be current including Hep A and B series, TB, flu, bacterial meningitis, etc. after acceptance into the program;

___ 10. Have a current physical assessment from a physician or practitioner using TSTC form only;

___ 11. Must submit a "passport-size" photo with application;

___ 12. Must have taken the ATI's TEAS Test, the Elsevier's HESI Admission Assessment Test and the Personality Aptitude Test here in campus; (This criterion is under review. Please wait and visit this webpage soon for the final updates. Thanks.)

       (These tests are available for the applicants when the application period opens. Taking them early on is advisable. Scheduling it at the last minute or close to submission of application packets may not allow you to take it as seats are LIMITED per testing day. Take note as well that scores from this test will be one of the primary criteria in choosing the final roster of accepted applicants. Good luck on your test..!!) 

___ 13. Must submit a complete application packet in sealed 10x13 envelope on or prior to deadline.

        Scoring grids mostly depend on entrance test scores, overall GPA and course grades.

       Please come back for more updates. Thank you.

Jean Lashbrook,RN
Allied Health Division Director
Interim Contact
(956) 364-4797

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