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The Application Process

 It opens on April 15, 2014 and ends on May 30, 2014. Classes will start in the Fall Semester of 2014.

New applicants to TSTC must follow these steps:  

1.   Application for both general acceptance to TSTC Harlingen and the RN program must be done on-line through TSTC website. For TSTC, click on this link: www.tstc.edu/harlingeninfo/studentchecklist and complete the application for admission. For the RN Program, see #7 of this page.

2.   Official transcript(s) of grades from colleges and universities attended with official school seals must be requested by the applicant to be sent directly to the TSTC New Student Admissions Office in sealed envelope(s) via postal mail.

3.   To apply for financial aid, student loans and scholarship grants, applicants may contact TSTC Harlingen Financial Aid Office. For veterans, you may contact local VA Certification Officer for verification of educational benefits.

4.   All applicants must take the ATI LVN-STEP Test at the TSTC Harlingen Student Services Building, Room 312A prior to or during the application time period. For more info, click on the dedicated webpage on the left side tab.

5.   All prerequisite subjects must be completed by Spring Semester 2014.  All courses must have a minimum of “C” grade.

6.   Applicants must be Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) at the time of application.

7.   Interested parties may download the Application Form to the RN Program by clicking on this link: RN Program 2014. (Make sure that your printed form is not double-sided.)

8.   Complete application form to the RN Program must be submitted to the RN Program Director or the Allied Health Division Secretary from April 15, 2014 till 5PM of May 30, 2014. Early submission will be accepted.

9.   Complete background checks (CBCs) of all applicants will be carried out through the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). A roster of names of all the applicants will be submitted to the BON for verification of criminal history upon the closure of the application time period. Recent infractions of the law and other legal issues must be declared in the application form. Declaratory form must be submitted to the Texas BON immediately. Failure to disclose such information at the time of application could be a ground for removal or dismissal from the program.     

10.  Incomplete application packet will not be included in the selection process. Inabilty to follow instructions   may disqualify an applicant in getting into the program. 

11.  The final selection of applicants for the program will be based primarily on scores of the LPN-STEP test, overall GPAs, and grades of prerequisite courses.   

12.  Random and mandatory urine drug screen tests may be required at anytime prior or after being admitted into the program when deemed necessary.

13.  All applicants must submit a proof of physical and mental well-being certified by a physician or nurse practitioner. Together with proofs of completed immunizations such as MMR, varicella, Tdap, and Hepatitis A and B, these documentations must be submitted with the application packet. A separate form will be used for this purpose. Failure to do so, the applicant may be removed from the roster of accepted applicants.

14.  All accepted applicants will be notified in writing with instructions for next steps to follow. Alternates will be notified immediately if an open spot becomes available before the program begins.

15.  A mandatory “orientation” meeting is required for all accepted applicants. Family members may attend. Applicants who failed to attend or have arrived late will be automatically dropped from the program roster.

16.  Application packet and other required documents must be submitted to:

       Texas State Technical College – Harlingen
       Registered Nursing Program
       Attn: Antonio B. Jayoma
 1902 N. Loop 499
 Harlingen, TX 78550

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