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Social Media Tips & Tricks

Domino Effects/Social Media Aggregators
The following example of a domino effect is intended for one-way communication. It is set up to update as many social media services as possible by using one application. It is also advised that you use this method to update your micro-blogs, with only an occasional update to your main blog.

Proper etiquette when blogging is unique and somewhat different.

  •  Have only one blogging platform. (Wordpress is recommended since TSTC will be using it)
    • This will be your "home-base". All your micro-blogging, tweets, and status updates will be supplemental & supporting your home-base. The reason behind this is when you duplicate content on multiple blog sites, you turn off your audience and search engines will flag you (which is a bad thing and goes against the goal of TSTC's social media strategy).
    • Pre-execution planning is going to be crucial. You should map out which services you are going to use, before you go "live". Just because you can connect to every service, does NOT mean it is a good idea.

Social Media

Blog Hosting Sites:

*Note: There are MANY blogging services available, these are the most popular and frequently used.

Micro-Blogging Sites

Search Engine & Directories

Metasearch Engines

Google Specialty Searches

Updated: 11/28/2012

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