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Scrub Duties
  1. Perform surgical hand scrub.
  2. Gown and glove using closed glove technique.
  3. Re-gown and glove when breaks in technique occur.
  4. Assist the 1st scrub in setting up case (back table, mayo stand and O.R. basins). The tasks include:
    1. Arrange instruments and supplies (back table, mayo stand and O.R.).
    2. Count needles, instruments and sponges.
    3. Check instruments for proper functions.
    4. Prepare irrigating solution.
    5. Draw medications properly.
    6. Gown and glove surgeon and assistant.
    7. Assist with draping.
    8. Prepare electric cautery, suction and light handles for proper use.
    9. Prepare necessary sutures.
    10. Pass instruments to surgeon and assistant.
    11. Retract, sponge, and suction during case as necessary.
    12. Proper identification and handling of specimen.
    13. Prepare instruments for decontamination at completion of case.
    14. Dispose of sharps properly.
    15. Discard soiled drapes and trash properly.
    16. Transport soiled drapes and trash properly.
    17. Anticipate the surgeon and assistant needs.
    18. Anticipate the operative procedure needs.
    19. Help apply wound dressing.

The student will be encouraged to progress from second scrub technologist to first scrub as soon as possible. The scrub (technologist) nurse should make this judgement and assign student to first scrub. The Surgical Technology student keeps a log of all the cases that he/she has worked with. Whenever possible, this information should be used to help assign students to a variety of surgical specialties.

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