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Request New Degrees



This page is intended for potential students to request a degree that is not currently offered at the University Center. As the University Center grows and reaches a greater audience, it is imperative that new degrees offered are driven by student demand. In order for a degree to be offered at the University Center by a new or participating university, certain requirements must be met. They are:

1. At least 20 students must request the degree.

2. 90% of interested students will need to meet the minimum enrollment requirements for the degree.

3. At least 80% of students must be able to start the program the following fall semester (it takes 6 months for the university to be approved by their accreditation agency to offer a program at an off-site location).

Please understand that the surveys will be used to obtain student interest and to recruit new programs/universities. Before soliciting a new program, student demand will need to meet the requirements mentioned above. Once the request meets the criteria, the potential students will be contacted to let them know that their request will move on to the next step.

Links to popular degrees requested are found below. Please feel free to share the surveys. The more responses the better.


Bachelor Degrees

1. Bachelors of Science in Nursing

2. Bachelors of Science in Social Work

3. Bachelors of Science in Communication Disorders

4. Bachelors of Science in Biology

Master Degrees

1. Masters of Business Administration

2. Masters of Finance

Doctoral Degrees

1. Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling

2. Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration

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