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Web Standards

Department Site Guidelines

All department (whether a service department or instructional) promotional pages must maintain the look and feel of the Harlingen site. All posted information including contact information should be pertinent, up-to-date, and grammatically correct. The content on any given page should be reviewed every 30 days for relevance and accuracy. All hyperlinks, especially off-site URLs, should resolve. Broken links are not acceptable. There should not be any instructional material on Instructional Department sites. Instructional content belongs in the current LMS System (MyCourses).

The first page of each department’s site must include the following information in the established template format:

  • Department name and contact information (phone/fax)
  • Name and contact information of the director or department chair
  • Mailing address
  • Physical location on the campus
  • Office hours (service departments)
  • Staff/Faculty names, position title, and contact numbers

Departments’ major groupings of information will be listed in the left sidebar menu. They may be grouped with headings and bulleted links to content. Instructional sites must also include information about the curriculum, faculty, program information, special admission requirements, and any clubs associated with the program. The program’s site main focus should be potential students.

The information provided within instructional department pages should be organized using the following menus items:

  • Home Page – Brief description of the department and a link to privacy information.
  • Facilities – Describes the location, building and lab specifics, bragging points that would make a student select this program and which illustrate industry standards.
  • Faculty & Staff – Name, contact information,credentials, and information about the experience of the faculty and staff.
  • Advisory Committee – Listing of the advisory committee members and a summary of how the committees operate.
  • Associate Degrees – Listing all AAS/AS degrees available in each program (if applicable). If this links to the Curriculum Application, the link should be functional and point to the latest curriculum.
  • Certificates – Listing all Certificate degrees available in each program (if applicable). If this links to the Curriculum Application, the link should be functional and point to the latest curriculum.

Optional departmental sidebar links may include:

  • Industry Links – Actual hyperlinks to industry partners.
  • Distance Learning – To describe and link to distance learning course information for this department.
  • Student Clubs – Official club charter description and link to student club website if other than the official college website.
  • News – Department specific news and information, and other categories as applicable.
  • Departmental Server – Link(s) to an independently run department site or server.
  • Student Resources – Links to any resources pertinent to students in department such as ADA, LRC, Student Life, BIT, counseling, FERPA, HIPAA, Student Rights Handbook, etc.

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