TSTC is committed to providing highly specialized and advanced technical education that can lead to great career opportunities. We currently offer over 100 certificate and degree programs state-wide.

TSTC students come from more than 100 counties across the state. They arrive right out of high school, transfer from other colleges or from the workforce.

While we are proud that TSTC's education is affordable and a high return on your investment, we realize financial aid is the only option for some students.

At TSTC we understand your ultimate goal is a career you're passionate about and will make you the money you want to enjoy your life! Our goal is to help you be successful.

TSTC has been providing top-quality, career-driven education for Texans for close to 50 years. The college is nationally recognized for the number and quality of our technology graduates.

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Planning your future

While the average age of a TSTC student is 23, a large number are in dual credit or first time college students.Your future is not something in the distance; it’s a reality you can plan for today. Planning and making informed decisions is the key to your future success.

Knowing yourself and being honest about your likes and dislikes will help you choose a career that you find rewarding. Start with your likes, interests, and skills, and go more in depth with our career counseling services or your high school counselor. Then, learn about the careers that match up with your likes and how TSTC can help you gain the skills needed for success.


Tips for Success
1. Know yourself.

2. Learn about the world of work.

3. Don't get fooled by going down the wrong path.

Finally, don’t be led astray by believing that there’s a one-size-fits-all solution. A four-year degree (and the debt that comes with it) is not needed for every career field. A recent survey found a high demand for skilled engineering technicians, mechanics and IT staff. And we all know how important health care technicians and services are in our aging communities. The training you receive at TSTC will make you valuable to a future employer. While no degree program can guarantee a particular career or salary, TSTC training is respected by industry and has an excellent return on its investment.

You can pay $100s of thousands of dollars for a four-year degree; or fall for the high-dollar, high-pressure tactics of for-profit vocational schools; OR you can make the smart choice to pay about $8,000 for an accredited two-year degree at TSTC. The value is clear. Since TSTC is state-supported, your tuition is less, which means more money goes into your pocket after graduation rather than to pay off college loans.

*Source: Texas Workforce Commission

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