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Bookstore Refunds

Bookstore Buy Back

TSTC Marshall Bookstore sponsors a book buy back at the end of each term. Generally, this occurs, Monday through Thursday, during the last week of each semester. The exact dates will be posted in obvious places throughout the college.

The bookstore does not determine the books to be bought back, however there are circumstances that determine what we buy: (1) re-adoption of the text by the department; (2) estimated number of students vs. how many we currently have in stock. We only buy back books that will be used in the upcoming semester.

You must have your TSTC Marshall Bookstore receipt in order to sell back to the college. We generally pay 50% of the retail price, depending on the condition of the book. The price will be adjusted down for textbooks that are heavily worn. We reserve the right to refuse damaged, unsellable books. Items such as calculators, tools, study guides, workbooks and parts kits will not be bought.

The bookstore also has a contract with a book wholesale company operating simultaneously with our book buy back. Eligible titles and prices are determined by that company. If TSTC is not buying back your book(s), you will be quoted a wholesale price. You may accept or decline the wholesale offer. You may choose to keep your book(s) until the particular class is being offered again, however you are taking the risk that your text may not be re-adopted. Books presented at buy back without proper receipts will be bought at wholesale value. We recommend that you bring all text books that you are interested in selling to be scanned and quoted.

We do not guarantee that we will buy back your textbook(s).

Textbook Refunds

Conditions for Return or Exchange are as follows:

  1. TSTC Marshall Bookstore receipt required for all returns and exchanges.
  2. A 20% restocking fee will be assessed for returns and/or exchanges without a schedule change.
  3. Exchanges only (no returns) allowed during first class week.
  4. No refunds, returns or exchanges after 9 days from purchase date or 9th class day, whichever occurs first, no exceptions.
  5. To obtain a full refund books must be in new condition. Any markings other than the original price tag and/or the removal of shrink-wrap will deem the book used.
  6. Any refunds after the official census date will require the presentation of a TSTC Marshall cash register receipt and accompanied by a valid, completed drop slip. Refunds under this circumstance will be 50% of qualified receipt price. Census information is available at the TSTC Marshall Admissions and Records Office.
  7. The bookstore will determine whether returned books are in new or used condition.
  8. Special orders or books other than textbooks are not returnable.
  9. Exchanges only will be made for defective books provided they are currently being used in class.


  1. Receipt required for all refunds and exchanges.
  2. No returns on tools, supplies or electronics.
  3. Defective merchandise should be returned upon discovery of defect, not to exceed 15 days from purchase date.
  4. Refunds or exchanges allowed for apparel within 30 days of purchase. Clothing that has been worn or washed is non-returnable. Items with original tags intact and in obviously unused condition may be exchanged.

Return Procedures

  1. The individual wishing to obtain a refund or exchange must return the item along with the cash register receipt to the bookstore and meet the specified guidelines.
  2. Bookstore personnel will make a check of returned items and if found to be returnable will then make an appropriate refund or exchange.
  3. Refunds will be processed to mimic payment type. Refunds for items paid by check are subject to a 15 day bank clearance time and confirmation by the business office. Purchases made using student accounts will be refunded in the same manner.

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