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Marshall College Operating Procedures - Alphabetical Order
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College Operating Procedure Name COP Number
  Acceptance of Gifts, Bequests and Contributions, Both Equipment and Monetary 5.5
  Accountability of Plant Assets   5.8
  Adding or Dropping a Course or Making a Section Change on or Before The Cut Off Date   4.8
  Adminisration of Tax-Favored Programs   2.18
  Admission & Enrollment of International Students 4.27
  Admission and Registration of Students 4.15
  Admission of Students Without a High School Diploma or G.E.D. Certificate 4.6
  Allocation and Management of Computer Hardware and Computer Software   7.43
  Application and Approval of Regular Technical and Vocational Programs   7.27
  Appointment of Non-Faculty Temporary Employees   2.42
  Assessment and Collection of Registration Fees and Room And Board Charges   3.8
  Assignment of Transfer and Substitution Credit   7.59
  Athletic Facilities 4.21
  Attendance Guidelines for Non-Exempt Employees   2.24
  Awarding Semester Credit Hours 7.13
  Bookstore Refunds and Exchanges   6.10
  Budget Control and Purchasing   3.21
  Business Office Administration   3.1
  Campus Disaster Plan   1.46
  Campus Disaster Procedures   9.14
  Campus Solicitation   4.30
  Change of Major 7.7
  Change of Grade on Permanent Record 7.11
  Charges of Continuing Education, Work Force Development and Non-Credit Courses   3.18
  Circulation and Use of Library Materials to Approved Local Agencies and Persons   7.28
  Clearing Campus Upon Termination of Employment   2.5
  College Credit by Examination   7.13.1
  Computer Standards   1.53
  Consortia and Contractual Relationships for Educational Services Leading to Degree or Certificate Credit   7.46
  Consultant Services Contract Rule   3.24
  Content, Quality and Image of Advertising, Publications and Communications for External Markets   1.47
  Contractors Safety   9.16
  Contracts and Grants   7.2
  Control and Disposal of Hazardous Waste   9.5
  Control of Cash, Cash Receipts and Cash Refunds 3.11
  Control of Hazardous Energy   9.3
  Copyright-Related Activities   7.24
  Credit Assignment for Armed Forces and Services   7.13.2
  Curriculum Review and Revision   7.60
  Daily Report of Use of State Owned Vehicle   5.7
  Development of Budgets   3.22
  Developmental Education   4.10
  Disability Accommodations for Students   4.28
  Dissemination of Information and News to the Public 1.48
  Drug and Alcohol Testing   2.47
  Duties and Responsibilities of Unit Safety Officers   9.4
  Emergency Evacuation of Buildings   9.6
  Employee Credentials from Non-Regionally Accredited and Foreign Institutions   2.31
  Employee and Dependents Education Program   2.54
  Employee Performance Appraisals   2.53
  Employee Recruitment   2.39
  Employing Part-Time Faculty for Regular Instructional Programs   7.40
  Employment Procedure   2.2
  Employment Status of Library Personnel   2.48
  Enrolling in Courses Scheduled During the Same Period of Time   7.12
  Enrollment of Students with Felony Charges and Conviction   4.32
  Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action 2.40
  Establishment of Contracted Exit Points and Modified Exit Points   7.32
  Establishing Program Entry Specifications/Program Prerequisites/Co-Requisites   7.29
  Experiential Credit Assignment   7.13.4
  Facilities and Grounds Use by External Entities  Facility Request Form 4.20
  Faculty Credentialing   2.46
  Faculty Governance   7.47
  Faculty and Staff Professional Development   2.50
  Fires on Campus   9.8
  Full Web Based Course Development   7.15
  Functions and Responsibilities of Placement Office   7.53
  Governing the Purchase of Texas Surplus Property   5.2
  Graduation Awards 4.23
  Hazardous Duty Pay for Commissioned Law Enforcement Officer   2.13
  Holding Dual Offices or Positions   2.19
  Identification Cards   2.17
  Information Technology Resource Management 1.56
  Information Technology Steering Committee   1.52
  Institutional Review Board   7.34
  Instructional Department Evaluation and Oversight   7.39
  Internal Control   3.26
  Inventory of Components/Parts for Equipment   5.10
  Language Proficiency   2.34
  Leasing of Facilities Which are Temporarily in
Excess of Instructional Requirements
  Leaves of Absence 2.14.1
  Liability Insurance for Vehicles and Employees   1.39
  Library Acquisitions   7.56
  Library Cooperative Relationships   7.55
  Library Evaluation   7.54
  Light Duty Assignments 2.45
  Maintaining Employee Pay and Attendance Records   2.10
  Management of the WWW.MARSHALL.TSTC.EDU Web Site   1.58
  Network Security   1.57
  Non-Contract, Non-Faculty Employee Performance Improvement Process 2.4
  Non-Disciplinary Grievance Procedure   2.4.2
  Notification of Death   2.44
  Obtaining Approval for Articulation Agreement   7.36
  Official Travel of Employees & Advance Travel Payments 3.19
  Ordering Books, Tools and Supplies for Bookstore Resale   6.13
  Other Leaves 2.43
  Outage Reporting for Network & Telecommunication Services   1.40
  Payment of Employees "On-Call"   2.21.1
  Personal Protective Equipment   9.15
  Personal Use of E-Mail and the Internet 1.55
  Political Activities and On-Campus Visits for Political Figures 2.22
  Preparation and Approval of TSTC Marshall College Operating Procedures 1.1.1
  Professional Certification for Credit Assignment   7.13.3
  Professional Development Release Time and Employee Scholarship 2.26
  Prohibiting Sexual Harassment 1.41
  Prohibiting Workplace Violence 2.49
  Prohibition of Children in Classrooms and Other College Buildings   7.49
  Purchasing Goods and Services   3.2
  Purchasing Motor Vehicles   5.13
  Racial Harassment 1.42
  Real Property Installed Equipment   5.4
  Recognizing Retirees   2.37
  Records Management 1.1
  Refund of Tuition and Fees 3.9
  Religious Holy Days: Employee and Student Leave 2.14.2
  Repeating Courses: Recalculation of Grades   7.16
  Report and Data Coordination Through the Offices of Institutional Effectiveness and Institutional Research 1.49
Reporting Stolen or Missing Property   3.27
  Rescheduled Class Activities   7.35
  Respiratory Protection   9.17
  Retiree Insurance   2.16
  Risk Management 9.13
  Selection and Employment of Work Study and Student Workers   4.17
  Sick Leave 2.36
  Sick Leave Pool Administration 2.30
  Smoking/Tobacco Practice 9.12
  Special Student Population Reporting   4.9
  State Issued Credit Cards   3.28
  State Scholarship Funds   4.25
  Strategic Planning   1.50
  Student Advisement   7.31
  Student/Employee Organizations   4.24
  Student Government   4.26
  Student Grievance Practice and Procedures   4.29
  Student Group Insurance   4.16
  Student Housing   4.1
  Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act 1.54
  Student Service Fee Advisory Committee 4.22
  Student Travel 4.31
  Substantive Change, Functional Policy and Purpose 7.10
  Teaching Faculty Productivity   7.30
  Technical and Support Areas to Share in the Development of Library Collections by Department Chairs, Teaching Faculty, and Professional Staff   7.44
  Telecommunications Service   3.4
  Termination of Regular Instructional Programs   7.18
  Traffic Law Violations   5.12
  Use of TSTC Vehicles   5.6
  Vacation Leave   2.38
  Vehicle Accident Reporting   5.15
  Vehicle Fleet Management Plan   5.14
  Web-based Course Intellectual Property Rights   7.51
  Workforce and Economic Development Contract Hiring Procedures   3.29
  Work Schedules   2.35
  Workers Compensation Insurance 2.25

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