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Industrial Mechatronics Technician
Industrial Mechatronics Technician Office:
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Wayne Dillon
voice: 903.923.3303
fax: 903.923.3317
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Industrial Mechatronics Technician
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2650 East End Blvd. South
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Mechatronics is a new interdisciplinary field involving mechanical, instrumentation, electronic, robotics/automation, computer components and control systems. Because industrial applications are becoming increasingly multidisciplinary, today's technicians need skills that cross a variety of disciplines. Mechatronics courses combine various disciplines to teach students a holistic approach to developing solutions for engineering applications.

Businesses and industries are asking for graduates with Mechatronics skills and problem solving abilities. Mechatronics does not map to any particular trade or job category; rather, it refers to a host of integrated skills that can be applied in a variety of job contexts. Furthermore, there is an expanding demand for bilingual technicians and team leaders with Mechatronics knowledge and experience in companies in Texas and surrounding regions. Skills found under the Mechatronics Technology umbrella includes "practical" knowledge in the integration of electrical systems, fluid power, electronics, computer controls, PLCs, instrumentation, robotics and information technology.

Many existing job categories currently or will soon require Mechatronics skills and problem solving ability among workers who design, implement, manufacture, service, and repair a wide array of equipment. Mechatronics technicians are involved in robotics, automated manufacturing and packaging, automobiles, airplanes, gas pumps, vending, gaming, ATM machines, heating and cooling systems, renewable energy systems. The latest area of interest in Mechatronics is the new Cyber Innovation Center dealing with cyberspace and cyber research: www.cyberinnovationcenter.org

Industrial Mechatronics Program Outcomes:

Graduates of the Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Mechatronics will:

  • Be able to interpret blueprints and interpret verbal orders into graphic representation, and then create the object utilizing Computer Aided Manufacturing technology through programming, set-up, and operation of various Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment, as well as set-up and operation of manual equipment.
  • Grasp the nuances and differences in metal composition and the uses of various metals in creating or repairing parts and equipment.
  • Not only be able to operate Computer Numerical Control and Machining equipment, but have acquired life and work skills to be successful in the workforce, to include following all safety procedures relative to machine shop operations, and utilization of effective and accurate written and oral communication skills.

For more information, contact:

Wayne Dillon, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Program Chair
phone: 903-923-3303

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