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The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has released the 2014 Texas Public Higher Education Almanac. The 2014 Almanac, available online at www.thecb. state.tx.us/Almanac, provides higher education facts and performance data that allow users to compare Texas public higher education institutions. The data provides a snapshot of how Texas is doing educationally and highlights progress relative to the state’s higher education plan.

Texas State Technical College Marshall holds the top spot in graduation rates for developmental education among two-year public institutions. Across the state, Developmental Education students are those students who enter college below state “college readiness” standards in mathematics, reading, and/or writing. These students begin college by taking non-credit courses to prepare them for college-level work. TSTC Marshall’s Developmental Graduation Rate is 31.0 per cent. Overall, TSTC Marshall’s graduation rate ranks number 2 in the state at 41.3% just behind Western Texas College, which holds the number one spot at 41.4 per cent.

In addition, TSTC Marshall holds steady to its commitment to putting graduates to work. The total percent of graduates employed in their first year is 80 percent.

The Developmental education instructors, Robbie Anderson, Mario Cantu, Ruth Ann Roberts and Christi Alderman were presented with President’s coins for their efforts.

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