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Federal Government Shuts Down

The first shutdown of the federal government in 17 years began early October 1, 2013. The shutdown would keep 800,000 federal workers at home and inconvenience millions of people who rely on federal services or are drawn to the nation’s parks and other attractions. Critical workers, from the Border Patrol to air-traffic controllers, would remain on the job, unpaid.

The shutdown begain because there is no authorization for the government to spend any money as of 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, the start of the new budget year.

So what does this mean for TSTC?

Some of the funds we receive from Washington will stop flowing for an indefinite period of time. The leadership of the TSTC colleges have met and carefully examined the extent of the adverse impact this will have on us. Though we stand to lose considerable funding in this shutdown, we’ve decided to work together to find ways to continue to pay our employeeds and student workers who are currently supported by federal funds.

Past government shutdowns have been brief - the longest was 21 days. TSTC will continue to honor payroll commitments to our employees through the end of this calendar year. If it looks like the shutdown will last beyond December, we will reevaluate our position at that time.

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