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Software Development Technology
Software Development Technology Office:
voice: 903.923.3316
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Division Director:
Robert Brown
voice: 903.923.3316
fax: 903.935.5656
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Software Development Technology
TSTC Marshall
2650 East End Blvd. South
Marshall, TX 75671
Software Development Technology Office is located in the South Building in Room 305
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M-F: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Have you ever wanted your computer to do something new?

When you learn to develop software, you are in control of what happens. Software developers are the people turning ideas into reality. Anything you can imagine can be done with computers IF YOU KNOW HOW. You’ll find software development in many different industries!

Who hires Software Developers?

  • IT Firms
  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Accounting Firms
  • Educational (public / private / college)
  • Hospitals and Medical Offices
  • Law Offices
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Government Offices
  • Manufacturing

Companies, who really USE computers to do their business, need software developers.

Degree Description

Your training at TSTC Marshall in the Software Development program will include:

  • Beginning Web Design
  • Becoming familiar with different operating systems
  • Learning about database administration
  • Using databases to store information
  • Programming with databases
  • Programming Logic
  • Scripting Languages
  • Object Oriented Programming Languages
  • Mobile Programming (iOS - Apple)
  • Information Security
  • Here are some of the languages you’ll learn:
  • Pseudo code – planning language
  • Python – easy to learn scripting language for beginners
  • SQL – language used for databases
  • Visual Basic .Net – for building Windows applications
  • C# .Net – for building Windows applications
  • C++ - advanced language for many general uses
  • Java – advanced language for many general uses
  • Objective C – for iOS (Apple) programming

Don’t be a code monkey - Train at TSTC Marshall to be a professional software developer!

Software Development Technology Program Outcomes:

Graduates of the Associate of Applied Science in Software Development Technology will:

  • Be able to apply software engineering theory, principles, tools and process in order to produce software solutions.
  • Effectively communicate with colleagues, stakeholders, and others in a professional manner.
  • Practice appropriate code of ethics and professional conduct while developing and implementing software solutions.

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