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Student Code of Conduct

Student Conduct

The general morale of the student body is dependent upon many factors; among these are the success of its graduates, the attitude of faculty and administration, the general behavior of individual students, and the reputation of the College. TSTC believes a primary factor in strong student morale is an overall regard for good citizenship on the part of the student body. TSTC assumes that students eligible to perform on the college level are familiar with the ordinary rules governing proper conduct and that they will observe these rules as a matter of training and habit.

TSTC regulations forbid gambling, the use of controlled substances and alcoholic beverages, and the appearance of anyone under the influence of any of these on the campus or when attending or participating in activities sponsored by the college. All TSTC buildings are tobacco free.

Possession of firearms, illegal knives, and other prohibited weapons on TSTC facilities, including parking areas and publicly accessed facilities, is a violation of criminal law and TSTC policies. Persons who violate the law and these policies will be subject to serious consequences, including referral for criminal prosecution and dismissal from College.

Racial and/or sexual harassment of employees or students is not tolerated and is expressly prohibited at TSTC. Activities constituting 'hazing' are also prohibited. No person or organization may engage in, solicit, encourage, direct, aid, permit, or condone hazing, regardless of consent or acquiescence in any hazing activity.

No person or group of people acting in concert may willfully engage in disruptive activity or disrupt a lawful assembly on any campus or property of the TSTC System; further, the administration is charged with keeping the colleges free of disruptive activities and may take whatever disciplinary action is deemed necessary in instances of disruption or threat of disruption.

Students are expected to dress and groom themselves in an appropriate manner while on campus and while participating in activities sponsored by the College. Students whose conduct casts an unfavorable reflection upon the College, and thereby upon all students, are subject to disciplinary action.

Additional information on student conduct is available in the Student Handbook.

Student Discipline Procedures

Any alleged violation or flagrant disregard of TSTC rules and regulations will be brought to the attention of the Associate Dean of Student Learning Community or designated student disciplinary officer who will initiate an investigation of the situation. After a complete and thorough investigation, the Associate Dean of Student Learning Community or designated disciplinary officer will determine the course of action. The Associate Dean of Student Learning Community or disciplinary officer's decision may be appealed through the appropriate college appeals process.

Additional information regarding policies and procedures relating to student conduct and discipline are available in the TSTC Student Handbook.

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