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Student Handbook

You have made an excellent choice. TSTC is dedicated to providing the outstanding education and support services necessary for a fulfilling college experience. As a TSTC Marshall student, you will encounter the tradition of a decade of technical excellence, the history of hands-on expertise, the advantage of academic achievement and the power of industry accountability. TSTC utilizes all of these to offer you an exceptional education in more than 25 specialized programs.

Take advantage of every opportunity this College, its faculty and staff, have to offer. You will find a wide variety of activities to make your college career rewarding.

Start your college life off right by considering the following: Learn your basic rights and responsibilities as a student; Know the campus policies and procedures that affect you as a student; Participate in the processes that govern student life through the Student Government Association.

With the Student Handbook, you will find information to help you in all these areas and many more, so put it to good use. You may access a pdf file of the Student Handbook.

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