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voice: 903.923.3227
fax: 903.923.3249
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Testing Office
TSTC Marshall
2650 East End Blvd. South
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Testing Office is located in the Admissions & Administration Building in Room 151
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M-F: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The TSTC Student Success Program is established to comply with the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) authorized by the State of Texas beginning in 1989 and revised in 2003. In administering this state-wide program, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board adopted rules that state, in part, that Texas public institutions of higher education use the flexibility and responsibility under the rules to improve individualized programs to ensure the success of students in higher education.

The Student Success Program at TSTC meets the TSI requirements for colleges to assess students for college readiness, to develop learning plans for students whose skill levels are not at college level and to determine when students are ready to perform freshman-level academic coursework The primary focus of the Student Success Program is on studentsí achievements of their educational goals.

If you are not exempt from taking the TSI Assessment, you will be asked by your college or university to take three tests: one in mathematics, one in reading and one in writing. These assessments include multiple-choice questions that are aligned to the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards.

Beginning August 26, 2013, The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is requiring ALL Texas public colleges and universities to begin administering the new Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment. Any new student that has not completed college course work prior to Aug. 26 or met a state approved exemption will be subject to the new TSI Assessment requirements. Previous TSI approved tests (Compass, Accuplacer, THEA, and Asset) are no longer accepted.

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