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How do I apply for admission

At Texas State Technical College, we work hard to make every student's admissions process as smooth as possible. Below, you'll find eight easy steps in the admissions process:

Viewing some of the documents may require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a free download. If you do not have it, you can get it directly from Adobe.

Step 1

Complete the Admissions Application

Apply online - It's quick and easy! You can also download an application, or request a printed application by calling the Admissions Office at (888) 382 8782. Along with the online, downloaded or printed application, please submit the following forms:


  • Student Health Services Form
    The information requested on this form is needed to complete state and federal government reporting requirements and does not affect your enrollment or your admission to TSTC.
  • Special Population Form
    It is the policy of TSTC to identify and provide services for all students qualifying as "Special Student Populations." Special Student Populations are defined by federal statute and include individuals who are educationally or economically disadvantaged, disabled, limited English proficient, and individuals enrolled in programs designed to eliminate gender bias. There are definitions listed on the Special Population Form. Please check the ones that apply to you. If none of them apply, complete section I only, and return to TSTC. Note: Ethnicity and gender information solicited in Section I is requested on a "voluntary" basis for affirmative action reports and will not be used as a factor in the admissions process.

Step 2

Submit an Official High School Transcript or GED Diploma.

Submit an official high school transcript or your GED diploma to the Admissions Office, if you have not previously attended college. The high school transcript must be an official transcript - imprinted with the school's seal and delivered in a sealed envelope. If you received your GED in Texas and need an official diploma, call the Texas Education Agency (TEA) at 512.463.9292 to obtain one.

Step 3

Submit an Official College Transcript from Each College Attended.

Submit an official college transcript from all previously attended colleges to the Admissions Office. The college transcript(s) must be an official transcript - imprinted with the college's seal and delivered in a sealed envelope. You do not need to provide a high school transcript since you've previously attended college.

Step 4

Provide Scores from an Approved Standardized Test.

Applicants for admission to TSTC are required to take a placement test (i.e. THEA, Accuplacer, Compass, etc.) unless otherwise exempted. For information about exemptions or testing contact Testing Office at 1-888-382-8782.

Step 5

Complete the Campus Housing Application (if applicable).

If you are required, or choose to reside in campus housing, send a completed Campus Housing Application and a deposit to the Housing Office. Housing assignments are based upon the date the housing deposit is received. To reserve a room on campus, submit your application and deposit early! Applications will not be processed without deposit. Applicant's who are exempted from residing on campus, must complete the Off-Campus Living Request Form. Exemptions are listed on the Off Campus Living Request Form.

Step 6

Complete the Applications for Financial Aid/Sponsorship.

COMPLETE FINANCIAL AID APPLICATIONS EARLY! The "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" can be found at fafsa.ed.gov. We recommend that you apply at least four months prior to registration. If you are applying for federal financial aid, including the Pell grant and other financial aid, complete the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA) and submit it to the federal processor. Contact the Financial Aid Office or visit their webpage for more information on other grants, scholarships, student loans or sponsoring agencies such as WIA or DARS. Veterans wanting to use their VA benefits should contact the college VA Certification Officer.

Step 7

Register and Pay for Classes.

After completing the above steps, all students new to the campus, must complete new student orientation, where you will meet your advisor and register for classes. Students are invoiced for the current semester expenses (tuition, fees, etc.) at the time of registration and payment is due prior to the first class day. Payment plans are available, contact the Student Accounting Office for details.

Step 8

Texas State Technical Student ID

A TSTC student ID is required for use of college services, such as the computer labs, free attendance to TSTC events, checking out books at the library, and using the workout facilities. ID cards are issued during New Student Orientation.

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