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Strategic Initiatives

Selected Strategic Initiatives to improve the TSTC Marshall experience

Enrollment growth to achieve an efficient economy of scale for the College. By increasing the overall enrollment we will be able to more efficiently use our existing facilities and offer enhanced student activities to meet the extracurricular needs of our students.

 Expand Continuing Education. We will improve the economic impact the College has by satisfying training needs of businesses in the region.

 Strengthen Student Support Services. We believe the learning experience is more than just academics. By strengthening support services we are creating a community that meets the student's out of classroom requirements as well.

 Develop business/industry process skills curriculum. Based on feedback from regional industry leaders we are expanding our curriculum to include not only technical training, but training on the non-technical or soft-skills needed to excel in the work environment.

 Expand Information Technology Infrastructure. Whether it is wireless network access or web-based instruction or on-line collaboration; the learning environment of today is rooted in information technology. We are expanding our IT infrastructure to provide students a learning environment they are comfortable with and one that reflects what they will encounter in the workplace.

 Develop interactive learning products. In order to make the learning process more engaging and interesting, we are developing interactive course modules for the delivery of learning material. In addition, we are developing simulations to provide the student more "hands-on" time working with the technology.

 Recruit non-traditional/multi-cultural students. We want to make our learning experience available to anyone with a desire to learn.

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