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What is THEA, who has to take it, when do I need to take it?

The THEA Test is designed to measure students' readiness for successful college study by testing competencies in reading, writing, and mathematics. Should a deficiency be revealed in any of the three skill areas, students must begin an appropriate program of remediation. Students should consult a counselor and/or department advisor to secure further information on meeting THEA requirements.

The THEA Test is administered six times per year at various sites across the state. Check with your local high school, TSTC's Testing Office, or www.thea.nesinc.com for more information. Effective Sept. 1, 1995, the scores of 230 or more on Reading and Math and 220 or more on Writing meet the competency standards established by the State. Special test accommodations are made for students with disabilities if requested when registering for a test before the deadline.

All students seeking an associates degree or certificate must take the THEA Test, The Quick THEA or the THEA Alternative Test (Accuplacer) prior to registering (see exemption information). If you have questions concerning this requirement or how you can schedule the test, contact the Testing Office.

THEA Remediation

Students are required to enroll in remediation for each area of THEA not passed. Reading, writing and math courses are available in the Developmental Education department.


  • THEA Test $29.00 per test
  • THEA Alternate Test (Accuplacer) $30.00 per test

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