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Motorcycle Training FAQs
Workforce Training Office:
voice: 903.923.3442
fax: 903.923.3434
Director of Workforce Training & Continuing Education:
Bryan Maertins
voice: 903.923.3442
fax: 903.923.3434
Email: Director of Workforce Training & Continuing Education
Mailing Address:
Workforce Training
TSTC Marshall
2650 East End Blvd. South
Marshall, TX 75671
Workforce Training Office is located in the
CAT Building in Room 112
Office Hours:
M-F: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

What courses are available?
There's a basic class for new riders and an advanced class for experienced riders ---new riders don't feel intimidated by experienced riders --experienced riders don't have to wait for beginners to catch up. Either class can be completed in one weekend or over the course of a few evenings. Choose the one that's right for you.

The Basic course is designed with the beginning rider in mind but experienced riders benefit as well. The course consists of 16 hours of training. In the basic course, you'll learn how to operate a motorcycle, the best protective clothing to wear, how to avoid dangerous situations and, what's most important, how to get out of those dangerous situations you can't avoid.

The Advanced course is an eight hour course for experienced riders only. You work with other riders like yourself. And since advanced students use their own motorcycles, you'll see all types of bikes, from cruisers to sport bikes to touring machines. No matter how long you've been riding, the advanced course is tough enough to challenge your skills. You learn high-speed maneuvering, quick swerving and avoidance techniques, counter-steering, traction control, and emergency braking for curves and slippery surfaces. This course is scheduled as needed.

Where are the classes located?
All classes are located at
TSTC Marshall
North Building & North Building Parking Lot
On Hwy 59, across the street from the Marshall Mall
2400 East End Blvd.
Marshall, TX
(903) 923-3436

This is the building on Hwy 59 directly across from the Marshall Mall.

Do I need this course to get a license?
Minors, 15 through 17 years old, must complete the Basic Motorcycle Operator Training Course to be eligible to receive a motorcycle operator's license. Riders of all ages are encouraged to take it.

Why should I take this course?
Sign up for the basic course if you haven't had much riding experience or if you've never ridden at all. If you're under 18, you have to take the basic course to get a motorcycle driver's license.

What do course completers receive?
Course graduates receive a program patch, decal, and a course completion certificate (MSB-8) that indicates which course was attended. The college also issues a continuing education certificate.

Will I get a break on my insurance?
The MSB-8, annotated for the basic or advanced course, is recognized by many insurance companies for a discount on motorcycle liability insurance and is proof of course completion for ticket dismissal.

Will I still have to take a drivers license test?
The MSB-8, annotated for the basic course, may be accepted to waive the driver license road test.

Do I need to have a motorcycle to take lessons? A helmet?
For the basic course -You don't have to have a motorcycle or helmet- one will be provided. For the advanced course - You must bring your own motorcycle.

What do I need to wear?
All participants and instructors must wear protective gear when riding during the course. The minimum protective gear is as follows:(1) a motorcycle helmet that meets Department of Transportation standards;(2) eye protection;(3) over the ankle, sturdy footwear (not cloth, canvas, etc.); (4) long sleeved shirt or jacket;(5) long, non-flare denim pants or equivalent; and (6) full-fingered gloves, preferably leather. Helmets will be provided.

What should I bring to class?
In the summer in Texas remember to limit caffeine drinks which can cause dehydration. Bring water, PowerAde, Gatorade or other non-alcoholic beverages. In the winter and/or if rain is predicted, dress accordingly. Snacks for range times are recommended. We take lunch breaks.

I'm only 15. Can I take the Basic class?
Yes. The Basic Motorcycle Operator Training courses are open to any person who is: (1) physically and mentally capable of being licensed in Texas as a motorcycle operator; and (2) at least 15 years old on the day the course begins. A person who is 15 years old but is less than 18 years old may not be admitted to a basic motorcycle operator training course unless he or she has a Class C instructional permit or an unrestricted Class C, or higher, driver's license.

How do I enroll in a class?
Registration forms are available at TSTC Marshall. For your convenience the enrollment form is available here. Please fill out the registration form and FAX to (903) 923-3434. For in person registration please see Pat Robins at TSTC Marshall's Admissions Office. Classes are limited to eight students on a first come first serve basis. Online Registration is also available here.

Will I be a TSTC Student?
Yes. You will be a registered TSTC continuing education student. All registered TSTC continuing education students completing courses or programs receive an official TSTC Continuing Education Certificate of Completion, which includes the title of the course completed and the number of CEUs (Continuing Education Units) completed. Additionally, TSTC Continuing Education students are transcripted and on permanent record at the college. However, continuing education units are not "credit" bearing and do not contribute toward a college degree.

What are the costs?
The fee for the Basic Rider Course is $190.00 and the Experienced Rider Course is $80.00. This fee is non-refundable and required prior to the class session to reserve your place in the class. A student who does not show up for class, or who leaves during any part of the class for any reason, forfeits their entire fee and must pay the full fee again to reschedule another class.

What is the course schedule?
The course typically meets weekends from 8:00am - 5:00pm.
The course schedule may be viewed here.

How do I pay?
Payment is accepted at TSTC Marshall at the Cashier's office in the Administration Building. After you are officially registered and in the database system at TSTC, you also have the option to call the TSTC Cashier's office at 903-923-3237 with your credit card information.

What kind of motorcycles will I be riding?
125cc Kawasaki Eliminator.

Where can I find out more information about Texas motorcycle laws?
At the Texas Department of Public Safety: Motorcycle Safety Unit administers the Texas Motorcycle Operator and Safety Program and has information regarding Texas Motorcycles laws and motorcycling in Texas: http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/msb/

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