TSTC is committed to providing highly specialized and advanced technical education that can lead to great career opportunities. We currently offer over 100 certificate and degree programs state-wide.

TSTC students come from more than 100 counties across the state. They arrive right out of high school, transfer from other colleges or from the workforce.

While we are proud that TSTC's education is affordable and a high return on your investment, we realize financial aid is the only option for some students.

At TSTC we understand your ultimate goal is a career you're passionate about and will make you the money you want to enjoy your life! Our goal is to help you be successful.

TSTC has been providing top-quality, career-driven education for Texans for close to 50 years. The college is nationally recognized for the number and quality of our technology graduates.

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You have broadened your skills in the military... let us help you take those skills and turn them into a successful career.“Getting out.” Now there are two small words with a big impact on the life of a soldier, sailor, airman or marine. Sooner or later, everybody gets out, whether it’s after a four-year hitch or a 30-year career. In large part, how well you make that transition depends on how well you’re prepared to make a living. And, we want you to know TSTC is here to help you come up with a plan.

Maybe you’re already out and discovering that landing a good job is a little harder than you’d like in today’s economy. TSTC can help you. Maybe you’re still on active duty but planning on getting out someday, and you want to make sure your change into civvies goes as smoothly as possible. TSTC can help you. Then again, maybe you’re a veteran or active duty serviceman or woman happy with the way things are and just want to gain a new skill or brush up on skills you already have. TSTC can help you, too.

TSTC’s other campuses are developing their veterans programs now. In fact, as a result of Congressman Chet Edwards’ work, TSTC Waco received $100,000 in 2010 from the federal government for its “Career Paths for Veterans Program.”

Of course, educational goals aren’t the only considerations when you’re getting ready for that big transition back to civilian life.  Especially if you’re a veteran no longer associated with a particular post or base and are probably going to have to move anyway, things like affordable housing, part-time or full-time employment, not to mention facilities and activities available in any new city, come into play, too.  Once again, because of its campuses’ fortunate locations across the state, TSTC can help!

All four major TSTC campuses are located in relatively small cities compared to major metropolitan centers like Houston or Dallas.  Consequently, you can enjoy a quiet and inexpensive lifestyle while living and studying far from the maddening crowd. In fact, USAA and Military.com found that Waco, where TSTC’s largest campus in terms of student population is located, is the #1 city in the United States for military retirees to begin “their second career as a civilian.”  Waco offers a relatively low unemployment rate paired with a high quality of life.  With a VA hospital located in town and Fort Hood only an hour away, veterans can take full advantage of their hard-earned benefits, too.   Whether your discharge is ahead of you or behind you, TSTC will give your mind some serious PT, not your wallet.

After all, we want you here not just because it’s our job. After the way you’ve served your country and us as citizens, we are honored to serve you. We want you here because we’re proud of you.

You’ve looked after your country. It’s high time you looked after yourself. TSTC can help.

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