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TSTC Employer Spotlights Offer Job Preparation, Careers

Texas State Technical College aims for its students to get in, get out and get a job. One way the college is working toward fulfilling this goal is by hosting employer spotlight events at each of its 10 campuses.

Employer spotlights are unique, personal demonstrations where industry employers are brought in to teach students about their company and, often, hire new employees.

“These spotlights are an interactive showcase of a company’s culture and values, current openings, and even salary structure and employee benefits,” said Julia Humphrey, Director of Talent Management for TSTC in West Texas. “The setting usually begins as a company presentation, but also offers students the opportunity to ask questions and really get a better understanding of what it takes to get a job in that industry. Employment partners welcome these recruiting opportunities and may also review resumes, conduct interviews and make employment offers.”

One company who participates in TSTC’s employer spotlight program is NextEra Energy Resources. NextEra employs approximately 5,000 people in 25 states and Canada. Last month, the company visited with eight Wind Energy Technology students at TSTC and made four job offers at their employer spotlight event. Aaron Chavarria, who graduates in December, was one of the students hired. He will begin working as a Technician III in Panhandle, Texas, in three to four weeks.

“I’ll be performing basic maintenance and troubleshooting procedures,” Chavarria said. “The first thing I’ll be doing when I get there is training. They will send me to a two-week boot camp in Woodward, Oklahoma, to train me on their standards.”

Humphrey believes that employer spotlights are an important exercise.

“These spotlights begin that shift from the student mindset to that of a professional candidate,” she said. “These events are an important tool that the Talent Management department uses for building the future workforce.”

Chavarria also recognized the significance of the exercise.

“I took it very seriously,” Chavarria said. “The night before, I got my dress clothes – some khakis and a nice button-up shirt – and ironed them. I went over some interviewing procedures online, because I knew I would have the opportunity to interview with them. I got my notes ready with what questions I would want to ask the employers when they’re there. I prepared myself. The day and night before I was pretty much living like I was already there.”

He began the day dressed for success and well-prepared.

“I was very confident, but did I expect to walk out with a job? No,” Chavarria said. “I thought I had a great opportunity to have a follow-up interview in the future, but I didn’t think they would hire me on the spot.”

Chavarria is thankful and relieved to have reached his end goal ahead of schedule.

“The instructors mentioned to us when we started that there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. For the longest time, for three semesters and going into your fourth, that light isn’t there. You begin to feel antsy and anxious. Once you see that light, like mine with NextEra, when I actually got offered the job, it was a big sigh of relief knowing that everything I worked for over the last 15 months paid off. That’s what I came to school for and it’s truly worth it.”

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Written by Debra Gonzalez on October 24, 2016
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